I thought i’d document hard black and white numbers in order to record my weight loss.  I’m 5/8 and 3 quarters.  ;).  My weight loss goal is 90lbs.

UPDATE: I reached goal in December 2013!!!! By far, my VSG or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself, my family and my future.

I can’t beleive i’m going to put these numbers out here, but here goes:

12/27/11: 300lbs. BMI is 44.  Morbidly Obese.  Awesome. First day of week long pre-op diet – only protein shakes, clear liquids and a laxative until surgery.

1/3/2012: 289lbs. Surgery date. Down 11lbs from pre-op diet.

1/16/2012: 277lbs. Down 23lbs.

7/10/2012: 235lbs.  Six months post surgery. Down 65lbs. BMI is 35.  Still obese…but loving the changes!

9/25/12: 220lbs. Nearly 10 months post surgery.  Down 80lbs.  BMI is 33. Still obese.  HA! 10lbs away from goal!!!

December 2013: 206lbs. Down 94lbs. Goal Reached. Found out i’m expecting.

8/1/2014: 231 lbs. Up 25lbs from pregnancy, not bad at all considering i’m due for a c-section in 2 weeks on 8/15/14.


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