Hello there,

This is my little slice of sanity.  Here is where I record bits of my life as I reflect on raising my daughter, pregnancy losses, cervical incompetence, neonatal loss, grief, victory, love, work, wellness, my weight loss surgery journey, marraige and everything in between. 

Aside from the above, my other interests include: dancing, cooking, baking, reading, the paranormal, yoga, cocktails, fashion, home decor, entertaining, and coffee.

I believe in equality in all things and for all people….so I believe in freedom of choice, freedom of faith, the right to love and marry whoever the the hell you want regardless of gender.  I tend to drive conservatives (including my mother whom I love dearly) batshit crazy.

Live & Let Live! Life is Short!

This is a personal blog that will offer anyone interested a glimpse into my life.  Pull up a chair, grab a cup of jo (or your other beverage of choice) and be sure to leave a comment so that I can get to know you too.

Jessica - Blue Dress



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