Recovery after VSG


I have been home with Savannah for approximately 5 weeks and I need to return to work next week.  I don’t know how.  I’m going to miss her bitterly.  One of the ways that I will deal with my feelings is to keep telling myself that I will work to pay off all my debt with my job.  Once my debt is paid off and I have some dollars in the bank, my dream of working part time will be a closer reality.  There is not one mom that tells me there won’t be sacrifices – whether professional or economical – but all of them tell me it will be worth it.

My recovery is going very well and i’m down 30lbs.  I had surgery laproscopically(sp) and have 5 tiny little scars that have healed very nicely.  I tend to feel weak when I do too much or have not had adequate protein…but for the most part i’ve followed instructions and usually have a lot of energy. I’ve also graduated to a nearly full diet.  I’ve progressed from clear liquids to full liquids to blended and pureed foods (baby food consistency) and now meat and carbs.  Bring on the meat!  The focus of my diet is protein.  I. must. get. the. protein. in. Several bites of food fill me up so I am eating protein only for now.

I still haven’t had a need to buy new clothes because a lot of the clothing I had was tight on me and now fits me well.  I think when I lose another 20lbs I’ll have to buy clothes.  The trick will be buying just enough to get by as I continue to lose the weight.  I am really looking forward to it.


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  1. Can’t you get protein through beans, nuts, seeds, and some dairy products? Although I think dairy is horrible for you, at least some things like Greek yogurt provide large amounts of protein. Animal flesh/protein is SO hard to digest and so bad for you…..

    Otherwise congrats on 30 lbs! How much are you hoping to lose?

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