I must think about blogging every single day…yet I never find the time to do so.  I must however because I have come to realize that it is one of the ways that I meditate and process all the competing thoughts in my head.

Thoughts…like the coin that Ziggy swallowed which landed us a trip to hospital…x-rays which revealed a coin in her throat…an emergency transfer to another hospital…and overnight stay…surgery the next day which inadvertently propelled the coin into her tummy and into a diaper several days later….sigh.

Or musings on my fun trip to Ohio to visit my girlfriend.  Thoughts on the talks we had…the fun we had…the fun drag show we saw….the excitement I have over knowing that we will be partners in weightloss together…

Thoughts on the decision to  move forward with weight loss surgery in Mexico very early next year…

Processing the idea that the home we invested so much in has closed in a shortsale and we are no longer home owners and adjusting/rationalizing the idea that it was the best decision to let it go for our future…

Writings about how I seem to be adjusting far better to my new role and added responsibilities at work…highly likely to the anxiety meds I am on again.

Recording all the wonderful milestones Ziggy is hitting…the words she’s saying…all her amazing ways…the way she greets her Daddy with repetitive hugs and miles of smiles when he gets home each night…

So much to process…so much to look forward to…


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  1. Glad to see an update from you. Bummed that you were in Ohio and probably only 2 hours away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope Ziggy is doing ok! Wow that had to be scary as hell!!!!!!!

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