Finally…a Mother’s Day to Relish!


Last friday as I leave the daycare center with Savannah, I received a clay little flower pot…purple with painted flowers and personalized with her little hand prints on it.  It must have been the sweetest thing I’ve ever received.   Its right up there with the Hope Diamond in my heart.

We spent our first night away from Ziggy on Mother’s Day eve.  We drove a few hours away to Mohegan Sun and spent the evening together…just the 2 of us.  He told me to just forget about work, the move and all our worries.  Let’s just melt into each others arms and that’s exactly what we did and it was wonderful.  We had cocktails and gambled and ate amazing food.  When we were in our hotel room it rained loudly with much thunder and it just set the mood perfectly.  

We were abel to reconnect in a way that we have not been able to do so in too long a time.  We were either putting the pieces back together after Emi and then Daniella or we were panicked that something would go wrong with our last pregnancy…

The next day we had a lazy morning and we were back with Savannah and my cousin who cared for her the night before.  We all went out for a Mother’s Day dinner which concluded the most fantastic weekend I could have ever imagined. 

I get to be her mom, how great is that?  I just look at her and I have my moments when I think of Emi and Daniella and I just go back and wonder what if?  What if?….But at least I have Savannah and I don’t have to wonder what if?  I have her and I am so grateful for that cute boogie-faced munchkin!


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  1. Your Mother’s Day weekend sounds wonderful- you were able to reconnect with hubby, have some alone time and be with your beautiful baby girl. Sounds like perfection. So glad this is the day you had.

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