Moving forward with Dad


Since my last post I have seen my father twice; we slept over one night at his home and he spent last weekend at our home.  On his second night here he met some of my closest friends and prepared a DELICIOUS meal for them.   The first time he saw me  he burst into tears and he is absolutely in love with Ziggy.  He stumbles all over himself while trying to do and say all the ‘right’ things.  While making dinner in my kitchen he was trying to teach me how to cut garlic up.  I feel for the man when he isn’t driving me crazy teaching me things I already know.  I am no longer a little girl and i’ve already learned many lessons that he missed making an impression on.  He laments the past deeply and I tell him that all we have is the present and the future.

Ziggy is doing beautifully; she is all smiles now and she coos to her (and our) delight.  She has had isseues with hearing out of her right ear and I have taken her in for tests and the specialist feel that the results are consistent with her having fluid in her ear as a result of the c-section.  She is reacting to sounds and responds to voices so we are not terribly concerned.  Tomorrow I am taking her in for another follow-up.  I can’t beleive she is already 2 months old and almost 13lbs.  I just fall in love with her more and more everyday and I thank whatever higher power and Dr. Davis for her.

Speaking of Dr. Davis, I need to let him know the outcome.  But how do you thank someone for such a gift?  Simply, I guess and from the heart.


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  1. So happy to hear that all is progressing well with your relationship with your dad and with your precious Ziggy’s growth. Enjoy this very special time!

  2. Belated Reply, Grandchildren change us in a way that cannot be explained. You have a gift of patience to allow him to reteach you. Try not to think of his lessons as repeats, maybe you can think of him teaching you his ways. You never know which lessons are going to mean the most. The best gifts in life are the lessons that take us through the everydayness of every day and into the future. God Bless!

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