New beginings: Ziggy, my dad and maybe a new gig?


Having a child softens your heart immeasurably.  After nearly 6 years of not speaking to my dad I choose to send him a birth announcement.  I thought, let’s see what happens.  He sent me a handwritten letter which was filled with apologies and regret.  Reading the letter and pouring over every word brought me to tears.  The next day I called one of the numbers he provided me…the conversation was initially awkward enough.  Eventually it ended on a positive note and a commitment to working on our future.  He told me that the whole week prior to his receiving the announcement he had a hunch that he was about to win the lottery.  When his wife called him excitedly at work after receiving my correspondence he thought he had.  She said it’s better than winning cash: your daughter wrote to you and you’ve got a grandaughter…  What made me call him?  One time when holding Savannah Grace I thought to myself  (although I don’t forsee it) if I were to screw up to the point that we became estranged, i’d like to think that she would eventually extend an olive branch to me.  I would not want to lose her, i’d like a chance for things to work.  Although my dad has dissapointed me in the past, one thing is for certain and that is that he has always loved me.  We’ve made plans to meet in a week or so.

On the job front – I decided to apply for a position that is far more in line with my dreams of becoming an H.R gener.alist and pays more money.  They called me about 2 weeks ago and I met them last week.  It went well and they invited me back for a second interview of sorts, except I will actually be giving a presentation (I get to choose the topic – unions) to the members of the H.R department.  The funny thing is that a recruting firm called me for the same exact position.  Maybe it’s ‘meant to be’?  Only time will tell.

Ziggy is doing well…more and more alert and in tune with her enviornment every day.  I love her to pieces, she truly makes my heart swell.  Last Saturday was her 3rd and last ‘meet-the-baby-shower’.  Lots of gifts and clothes and congrats and good wishes.  We are slowly getting her room in order along with our lives.  I’m looking to get back on the health kick I was on before getting pregnant.  I am actually within 5 lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight.  Don’t ask me how that happened…i’m in awe too.  I know the gestational diabetes curbed my eating and breastfeeding helps…but I didn’t see that number coming on the scale. 

Overall, i’m pretty content and acclamating to this new life.


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  1. It sounds like you’re in a wonderful place!!!! I’m so pleased that you’ve been able to reconnect with your Dad and totally agree with your motivation for doing so.
    All the best for the job!

  2. That’s great about your Dad. I hope it all works out well.

    I need some Ziggy pics! Are we going to keep calling her that here, or by her name? LOL I don’t wanna screw up and say the wrong thing….

  3. Hello, I am glad all is going well for you! We had a similar situaltion happen within our family. My daughter’s father had a son that he gave up rights to when the father was young and the son was an infant. He felt forced to do so by his strict Catholic parents. He, being young, did not truly know what he had done until our daughter arrived. He took her home to his family and after years and years of rejections from the boy’s mom, she finally agreed for them to meet because she wanted her son to know his daughter. I dreamed that this would happen before she was even born. I did not know it was a dream that would come true until it he told me the story. I was even able to describe the room that they met in. It was weird. That happens to me a lot now. Now, their father died in 2003. They are still close. God knows what is good for us even if we don’t. People will always disappoint one another and forgiveness is hard but at the same time it is REAL. It can change the soul just like your Ziggy has changed your heart and the hearts of all who read your blog.

  4. I”m so sorry that I suck so bad that I haven’t been here. But I’m here! And I’m so beyond happy and excited for you.

    I think it’s great that you took a step towards your dad. I don’t know the struggles you’ve had, only my own. But I do know how it is to struggle with a parent whom you know loves you but who has torn you apart inside. I hope you two can find a common ground and each other.

    and omg where are the pictures?!? Not that I’m a crazy stalker lady, but I wanna see baby. I demaaaand to see baby (cuz you know I’m horribly demanding lol).

  5. Savannah Grace…. I love it! Again, congrats. It’s so nice to come here every so often and find a new update. I am happy to hear about your reconciliation with your father. It was very big of you to go ahead and “extend the olive branch”. Thanks for keeping us updated. Glad you’re taking care of yourself. Would love to see more pics of Miss Gorgeousness!

    • Thank you so much Jules, I have appreciated reading all your comments. Will you be blogging during your next pregnancy? – I would love to follow along.

  6. It is great to hear all your wonderful news. I am ecstatic about the birth of Savannah Grace. It most definitely was time! Congratulations to you and Beefcake. I am also happy to hear that you are working things out with your father. I too understand what it is like to have a parent who you don’t quite get along with. That was me and my Mom for a long while but we are working on it and I am glad to know you are working on your relationships too.

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