Are you ready?


To those of you who reached out and checked in on me – thanks so much.  I am ok and so is Ziggy.  The last few weeks have been filled with doctor’s appointments (fluid is back up around baby) and quelching the ‘nesting’ instinct.  I went through the nesting phase at the close of the 2nd trimester when I still had energy and now again.  Except now i’m hardly mobile.


The most commom question I get these days is: Are you ready?

I have not bought anything for this baby.  When Daniella died we had to return a crib, changer and wall decor; along with that I had to put away paint color samples and nursery decor ideas that were spread around our home.  I swore I would never again put myself through that pain needlessly – so no, we don’t have anything for her.  We have ideas for the nursery and a few items that well-intentioned people have bought us, but not much more.

Do we have names? Yes.  Her middle name is definitely Grace because it took a heck of a lot of grace (and martinis) to get where we are today.  As for her first name – we are tied between Elizabeth and Savannah.  What do you think?

We are clearing out our office and have bought new shelves to replace the crappy ones we have.  I can still lie to myself and say that the office is being cleared to accomodate family that will be arriving tonight, because I still can’t say nurse_y.

I’m fielding calls and text messages ranging from “is the baby here yet?” to “what time is the c-section – I want to be there on time”.  Colleagues, family and friends that are not thisclose to me call me often to check-in. 

Two weeks ago as I was leaving the office of the gestational diabetes specialist she tapped my shoulder and shook my hand.  “If your baby is born now she will live – remember that.”  That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks that this would be the last time i’d be seeing her for this pregnancy because it was almost over. 

This Monday I see my ob for my last prenatal visit and last bio-physical.  Tuesday is pre-op testing at the hospital.  Wednesday is the c-section. 

My husband is working late hours this week in preparation for days off next week because everyone is anticipating a live take-home baby and despite the knot in my throat, so am I.  So am I.


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  1. I am so excited beyond words. LOL

    I think both names are beautiful. Jordan (my son) would have had the middle name of Grace as well, after my grandmother. (He’d have probably been Jillian Grace!) I think Elizabeth is classic (and happens to be my best friend’s name) but it’s easier for people to shorten to Liz or Beth or something and you may not want that. Savannah is a beautiful name and would be hard to nickname….

    You’ll know when you see her who she’s supposed to be, and you’ll just start calling her that name right away.

    OMG, I’m so excited. I’d request to be on the text list but that’s pushing my luck. LOL

  2. I was just popping in to leave a message that said “Is she here yet?!?” hah Great minds, lady!!

    I’m sooooo excited. I keep double checking the date. And I totally understand people that aren’t thatclose to you wanting to be there. I’ve never met you, never spoken to you on the phone, and I want to be there lol

  3. I kept thinking you had a week or two til she was here, but she’ll be here before you know it. This seems very surreal to me, i can hardly believe it’s all happening- though I’m sure you’re feeling that way too!

    i don’t blame you for not having the Nurs–y done. It safer that way I think. I have no doubts that she will come into this world screaming and giving her lungs a work out, but until it happens it’s hard to imagine. You do what’s right for you and when “family” comes to visit and decides to stay a lifetime then you can fix it for her.

    I think both names are beautiful but I happen to think that Savannah goes really well with the middle name Grace but it is just as romantically beautiful as Emi and Daniella. Just my two thoughts… As Julie said, you’ll know her name when you see her. And *I* can’t wait to see her. I, too, wish I could be there.

    Wow- Wednesday!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today. I appreciate it and I miss you.

  4. Both are very beautiful. I guess I prefer Elizabeth, only because I have a favorite Aunt named Elizabeth (shortened to Betty), so I am partial. If I ever get lucky and have another child, and it is a girl, I might use Betty. Savannah is more unusual, but also so lovely. Hard choice!

    You can get all the stuff once she arrives…no worries…
    wow! so soon! I am very excited. I will try to stop obsessively checking your blog…til Wednesday anyway…lol!

  5. wonderful, wonderful. thinking of you all and wishing you well as you get closer.

    love the name savannah, by the way. beautiful with grace.

  6. I like Elizabeth more than Savannah, but then, it’s my middle name, and I’m fond of the classics. I think the multiple nicknaming is a positive, not a negative!
    I have the 23rd set in my mind–you’ll have some one update for us, won’t you?

  7. Im Freaking out with excitement and crying,actually sobbing uncontrollably at much going on in my head right now,so worried ,so Happy, so many emotions..I love you J !!!!!

  8. I am so excited for you!

    I know you didn’t buy anything (we didn’t either)—but I recommend newborn diapers, wipes, small bottles, a bottle brush, and blankets to be in place. We also had a bassinet that was delivered the day we came home from the hospital (and a borrowed carseat!). Everything else came with time.

    I like Savannah, primarily because I am from the south and it is such a sweet name for a little girl.

    Keep us updated! I will be thinking about you guys on Wednesday!


  9. Good Luck Lady, Your life is running you straight into motherhood. It sounds great. What are the colors or themes you look at and envision while walking through shopping centers not looking for anything specific. I am soooo happy to feel your happiness,

  10. WOW!

    Jaded, I can’t believe WE (as if I had anything to do with it!) are almost there! I am so thrilled I’m shaking and crying like a pendeja (again). Okay, so Wednesday huh? I swear it can’t get here fast enough. Regarding the nurser_y, no need to rush, she will probably sleep in a bassinet at your bedside for the first 2 months anyway – LOL- and I understand your hesitation at getting it ready. I Luuuuuv the name Savannah Grace, has a great ring to it and people will be forced to call her by her full name as opposed to giving nick names like beth or liz.

    I am truly soooo excited and happy. Count me in as one of the total “strangers” who would just love to be in the waiting room. Imagine all these creepy strangers you’ve never met hangin’ around the L & D ward waiting for miss ? Grace to arrive! LOL weird!

    So, congratulations to you and your hubby for making it this far. PLEASE update us as soon as possible, I know you will be busy but maybe Big Sexy can give us an update.

    You really should set up a P.O. Box for gifts and cards ( **** Definitely NOT your home address and NOT the post office in your town***)
    ((( you can also send me a private e-mail ))))

    Would really love to send something to help you guys get started on that anticipated homecoming.

    Prayers and XOXOXOXOXO

  11. tomorrow!!! thinking of your family this week and very excited for you. can’t wait to see pictures. may everything go peacefully and joyfully for you. xo

  12. Wait to decide until you meet her tomorrow. She’ll definitely let you know who she is. 🙂 Can’t wait to see pictures!

  13. TODAY is the day, today is the day you meet her, wow!!! I can’t wait to get the update saying she is here in your arms!

  14. It’s Wednesday, about 9:30 and I’ve sending good thoughts your way from NC. And if matters, I LOVE Savannah….can’t wait for the update.

  15. J, I hope everything went well, I believe you had the baby today, so exited for you! Hope you have a quick recovery, and may God bless you and lets you enjoy your baby for the rest of your life!!!

  16. My wee miracle born in January is named Grace. The perfect name for a child who will, like yours, be so loved and cared for. I wish you so much happiness and joy – your heart will never be the same! Congratuations!

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