37 Weeks – WE ARE FULL TERM!


Can you beleive it? We are full term baby!  It’s all gravy from here… I never thought I’d get this far.  Even with the TAC I worried – heck, i’m still worried because she’s not quite *here* yet.  The doctors have been monitoring the fluid levels around baby and they have dipped again but are still within normal limits.  I’ve accepted that nothing is under my control and it has helped me get this far and I know it will take me all the way.  I am 37 weeks today and officially Ziggy has the ALL CLEAR to come along  whenever she’s ready.  I know I am – I can’t put into the words how badly I want to hold her and see her wiggle in my arms; I’ve been waiting over 3 years for a moment like that.  Should she need a little coaxing, we’ve got a scheduled c-section pending at 39 weeks.


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  1. Yay! Yay! Yay!! I’ve been waiting and waiting to hear something and I’m so happy for you. The countdown is on! Do you have everything ready?

  2. fan-flippin’-tastic!!! i wish you lots of luck and love for a smooth delivery and can’t wait to see ziggy pix. great job, mama! great job, baby! xo

  3. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I am so excited, I let out a loud “whoop-whoop” and a fist pump when I read the headline. OMG! Jaded, this is really it! the home stretch, can you see the finish line? Okay, so now I’m crying like a big pendeja, because YOU are my inspiration, and following your blog has literally helped me to keep my head above water. I have another IVF cycle coming up and I draw my strength from you and your story.

    37 weeks……. WOW!!!!!! sending prayers and soooo much love to you, hubby and baby girl Ziggy.

  4. Seriously, I’m a hormonal menopausal woman because this just brought the biggest tears to my eyes! Tears of joy, of course.

    C’mon Ziggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, will you email me? I don’t have your email address anymore for some reason….. julie.reeg@gmail.com

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