Hurry Up and Wait


I was told at my last appoinment that I have low fluid surrounding the baby.  I was told that it was on the low side of normal and that I shouldn’t worry.  That phrase does not work on me – i’ve heard it in each pregnancy.  I called my doctor back and after speaking to her I felt better.  I asked her if I could be hospitalized and she laughed in a sympathetic way.  I asked her if I can have the baby at 37 weeks (instead of 39) on the condition of a successful amnio that showed Ziggy’s lungs are mature.  She asked why would we do that?  I told her because of my low levels, to which she emphasized that they were on the low side of normal

Perhaps if I had asked to be committed she would have agreed to it.

“I’m almost 35 weeks…I don’t want anything to go wrong.  You understand, right?”

“I understand completely and that’s why we are having you come in twice a week and if we see anything that concerns us we have options – including an earlier delivery”.

So I wait…and wait…


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  1. Not long to go will be praying that little one stays safe till the right time!! Thinking of you, I understand why you feel stressed about this!

  2. Of course we understand! For a gal with your history, any thing that resembles ‘low side of not perfect’ is cause for alarm. I’m glad they are keeping such close watch on you.

  3. Our little Ziggy is gonna take her sweet old time and get here when she’s good and ready.

    I cannot believe you are thisclose already.

    Have I mentioned how excited I am for you? Hang in there darlin, enjoy some well needed rest now because that little girl is gonna keep you very busy for the next, oh, 18 years plus. LOL

  4. You’re so close! I can understand the stress as well. My sister in law had low fluid…I think it was 8-9? I’m not sure what the numbers mean. Anyway, they watched her very closely and my niece was born at 39 weeks via c-section. You can imagine that I was a wreck the whole time…

    I’m thinking good thoughts and lots of prayers for you for the next few weeks! You’ll make it, I know it! All I can say is to trust your body and your instincts. I know it’s hard after what we’ve been through, but you’ve made it so far already!

  5. Ok, I hate those “oh this happened to me” stories because when it is happening to YOU, it is frightening and worrisome and you just can’t help but be nervous. But it DID happen to me, seems like we have a few similarities with our pregnancies…so I will share. I hope that is ok.

    I had low fluid – for weeks I had low fluid – and they did the same for me…just watched me close, twice a week like you. I was scared out of my mind at first, (and google is not your friend) but my Dr. reassured me. They told me to drink lots of fluids and do my kick counts. Mine was on the low side of normal too….then at one of my twice a week appt.’s (at 38 weeks) it had gone a tad lower into slightly abnormal, so that day I had my c-section. Everything turned out a-ok. Hang in there, you are doing so well, you can do this! You are a strong powerful Momma and I am so excited for you!

    • Thanks for this anecdote it really made me feel understood. I am releived that they were so proactive with your baby. Since this post my fluid has actually gone up so I am much more releived!!!

  6. Almost there girl! I’m praying everyday. You can do this… breathe… Sounds like you are getting quality care, trust in yourself. Baby Ziggy will be here soon and we will all be able to breathe a little easier. Get lots of rest and drink LOTS of water. Sending prayers of hope to you and baby Ziggy. I’m so excited for you, I really, really am!

  7. All i want to do is hug you and tell you everything will be alright. But then again you’ve heard that a couple times before, huh?

    Glad to read your levels have gone up. woot!

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