Milestone: 32 Weeks & Lots Going On…


So what’s going on?

I had a heart-to-heart with my boss today about still being the receptionist and a few other things that are going on and just not cool.  I could give you the ‘fluff’ she offered or I could give you the real deal which is that right now giving me a solid HR role is not a priority.  She has a more important generalist position to fill.  Nevemind that when I took the position she told me that as soon as she could she would segway me into an official position.  I asked her for an offer letter when I accepted the position and she said that I had her word.  Her word?  It doesn’t mean much now.  Should teach me to know better than to accept a ‘hand-shake’ deal in the future again.  They have me and the customer service department supporting the receptionist function when I am training, interviewing or otherwise unavailable.  We are saving the company a boatload of money by sharing this responsibility and therefore she and the company have no incentive to honor her ‘word’.  I’m really sick of the bullshit and glad I finally reminded her about her promise and told her that I want a future.  Yes – she could argue that I am compensated fairly, but what I really want is a future and I just don’t know how that ‘future’ fits in with this company any longer…


BigSexxxy’s ‘star’ is really taking off and I am a happy bystander.  Last week Beefcake and I got to join her and Mr.  Diplomat for a dinner out that was filmed and should/may appear on television – – in the US!!!  I’m cringing because I am one of those people that can hardly stand to hear her own voice recording, let alone seeing myself on television…AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t know how much about this and her plans I will be able to discuss on my blog for 2 reasons – first, not everyone will agree with her lifestyle and second, some will….and I don’t want that kind of attention here…so if you start seeing more password protected posts it’s likely for that reason.  I don’t know…we shall see.


We made 32 weeks last Sunday!!!!! Yay!  Until I get a voicemail from my little 9 year old brother. 

“Hey J, it’s your brother.  How are you?  How is the baby?  I hope she’s ok, I hope she’s not dead or anything like that…ok call me back…oh, and my mami says hi.” 

Sobering, right?  Talk about being grounded…just when I start to get confident and feel good about this pregnancy…geez.  But who can blame him?  Look at the stupendous failure of an obsterical track record i’ve had before this pregnancy.  He has heard this in the last 3 years: Guess what?…your sister is pregnant….your going be an uncle….nevermind…guess what?  your sister is pregnant (again)…you are going to be an uncle….nevermind…guess what?  your sister is pregnant (again)…you are going to be uncle.  By this point he must equate my pregnancies with the equivalent of my acquiring and losing a very beloved pet goldfish.


Here is a picture we took last week to comiserate 32 weeks…obviously it was before I heard my brother’s voicemail.


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  1. My God, you are gorgeous, woman! Pregnancy clearly suits you! 🙂

    Bless your little brother’s heart. Think of how excited he’ll be when Ziggy gets here and he finally is an uncle!!!!

    Next month. Next month? Next MONTH!!!!! 🙂

    I. Can’t. Wait.

  2. Omg the time has flown!! And lookit you all swollen and beautiful! eeee!!

    And as hard as it is, don’t let your lil bro dampen the excitement you so deserve to feel. I’ve mostly (mostly) accepted that the loss we feel can’t begin to be measured in those who haven’t gone through it.

    Plus – he’s a little brother and we all know little brothers are dumbasses ; )

    That sucks about the job. I thought for sure you’d have been brought on perm by now. They should know what a valuable member of the team you are and treat you as such! They’re stupid, too.

  3. Jaded, you look freaking fantastic!!!
    Re. the job thing, are you getting maternity benefits? If you are I say use and abuse baby, as soon as those benefits are up, if they’re not prepared to keep their word then…..
    As for your little bro, that sure as hell is a sobering comment, but I guess we can forgive him, he’s a boy and he’s 9, he probably has no clue how sobering that comment was.
    So happy to read that all is progressing smoothly with your little one!

  4. wow, little brothers, huh? so sorry that happened – it’s hard with kids, they don’t really know how their words affect us. congratulations in any case. 32 weeks is major! and you look incredible. hang in there at work (or ditch ’em!). the #1 thing is to treat yourself well. your body and heart are climbing a mountain right now – and a beautiful view of the world is coming soon. xo

  5. You are not one of the people I’ve stopped reading or even one that I find hard to read, so stop that lol

    I even commented up there, goofy butt **points up**

    So no worries, stranger friend. I’m beyond excited and happy and relieved for you.

  6. Wepa! Que Bonita!! Chica you look amazing. Sorry about the phone call from your little brother. Like my 9 year old niece would say ” what do boys know anyway, they’re yucky and smelly” LOL.

    * He’s just a child and they tend to be very candid and honest. Sorry it hurt your feelings. Little brothers are designed to torture and and make us cry anyway!

    Let the countdown continue. And go ahead and MILK the SHIT out Maternity leave at that job. Hang in there girl.

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