Debt is Evil


I failed to update that our roomate moved back to his home country last month.  Having him stay with us worked out better than we could have ever imagined and it was bittersweet to have him go.  He wasn’t a psycho, he cleaned up after himself, didn’t stay out late and was pretty considerate for the most part.  We were good to each other and i’m sure that our agreement worked out quite well for both parties.  He was with us for a total of 9 months and we all grew to get along and co-exist.  With him leaves  his monthly contribution which helped to make a dent in our debt.

Beefcake and I got our finances in order yesterday and the final number that represents our total debt is quite scary.

Add the $7,000 that we just found out we  owe in taxes this year to said ‘scary’ number and it’s not good.

I also have Ziggy on my mind and childcare costs.

The worst part is that we had no business being in this position – I make pretty decent money and he makes even better money.  I have accepted that we made stupid choices with our money and credit and here we are. 

Still, I am committed and optimistic about reducing our debt.  It’s going to be a long road, but it has to happen.


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  1. Debt sucks! But you are doing amazing! I know that we desperately want to make a dent in ours, but it is not really happening right now. But, you just have to keep going and you are and I am always so proud of you in everything you do! I’m sorry that your roommate is moving. It’s great that you were able to find someone who was a perfect fit. It seems in most of these situations the right fit is very hard to find. You’re doing great!

  2. So with you on the stupid decisions. We’re in a similar position and both of us earn way above average salaries so there’s really no excuse.
    Good for you for working on a plan!!!

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