“This is your miracle.”


Remember those antibiotics I took about 2 weeks ago?  Well those bad boys do more than just clear out ‘bad’ bacteria.  They also upset the balance of (ahem) ‘healthy’ bacteria.  So let’s just say I had an ‘itch’ to get to my OB’s office yesterday.  I go to a practice that rotates the doctors, so it’s been a while since I saw my favorite OB.  She burst into the room and enwrapped me in the warmest hug ever.  She told me that her staff could not understand why she was so thrilled to see a patient to which she replied “this is Jaded!”

The last time I remember seeing her was for the 6 week follow-up after Daniella died.  It was the first time I broached the TAC route with her and she was nothing short of  encouraging about it.  She did not know about my current pregnancy or that I actually had the TAC placed until she read my chart.  She was beaming and looked like she was about ready to cry.  We discussed the obvious current needs and I told her that although early I was wondering if there was anyway to ‘request’ or plan for a specific doctor to perform my delivery and so I asked her to do it.  She said that this baby is my miracle and that she would be honored to do so.  She asked for information on Dr. Davis to offer to patients that may need it.  I’m so glad that I go to such a progressive practice.  I offered that I would not mind talking to any patients that may want the perspective of someone that underwent the TAC as well.  As she walked out of the office she turned around and said, “You made my day”.

It was just wonderful to see her again, wonderful to be so far removed in time from the horror of our last visit together.


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  1. After tragedy happens, people don’t know what to say to each other. It makes reunions uncomfortable. I am so glad that you reconnected with the right doctor. It sounds like God gave you to each other at that moment. She needed to see you happy as much as you needed to get that hug. Obstetrics has become impersonal in a lot of ways. Doctor’s and patients only get whomever is on call. It is sad; these moments of death and life need to be handled by people who know each other. I am very happy for you.

  2. I want to add one more thing. Ask your doctor if it is okay for you to take over the counter lactobacillus when you take an antibiotic. My daughter had MRSA very bad and was on antibiotics a lot. The infectious disease doctor sent me to Walmart’s vitamin and natural substance isle for this miracle drug. She did much better after taking them. Yogurt with probiotics should work as well. It helps replenish the good bacteria that get attacked by the antibiotics. It is all a balancing at. I have used this successfully for many years now. I am glad that doctor was willing to step outside of the box and recommend a natural remedy. We are all getting there (where ever there is) one step at a time. Life is a journey worth experiencing.

  3. Isn’t it so awesome to have someone like her in your corner? She was truly excited and happy for you and that is special.

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