Girl parts were sighted clear as day.  We are having a little girl!  I can’t beleive it.  Wow, just wow.


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    • I measured 3.5! By the way i tried to comment on your blog and could not, but i wanted you to know that you could certainly use any TAC info on blog. Also – congrats on moving!

  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????????????????????

    Hold on, I have to pick myself up from the floor.

    I would have bet a paycheck it was a boy.

    Omigosh. Another girl? You must be overjoyed.

    So excited for you, honey. Cannot wait to be her faux aunt! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! A girl, that is so exciting!

    I had the GD too, and did the insulin, the whole deal. Are they sending you to a nutritionist, or someone to help plan out what you can eat? Its not hard once you get used to it . It becomes routine. YES, you have gone through way worse, this will be cake! Actually there will be no cake involved, bye bye sweets – but you get the idea. One thing that helped me is that I went for a 20 minute walk after EVERY meal – really helps to keep that blood sugar down. Also, if u are simply DYING for sweets, a small scoop of Blue Bunny sugar free ice cream is a lifesaver. I can’t think of anything else at the moment – but your Dr. should be able to help you plan, and feel free to contact me any time!

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