A few things…

I still don’t know Zygote’s sex.  My husband, grandmother and I all showed up for the sonogram and there was a big issue with paperwork.  I was told I needed a script, the same stupid script I asked my doctor for earlier and she said I did NOT need.  Well guess what?  I needed it.  By the time it was faxed over they could no longer see me because the tech was leaving in a half hour and the exam is an hour long.  GRRRRRRRR.  The sonogram is booked for this Wednesday. Again.

Grandma is back home in Georgia.  Breaking an ankle will make anyone cranky – granted.  But add old age, no independence and arthritis to the mix and you’ve got anything but a good time.  I love grandma, but things were getting a little strained and frustrating.  Beefcake and I drove her out to Philadelphia to catch her flight (it was much cheaper than flying out of Newark airport) so we made a day of it.  We rode the trolley, caught some sights, visited the Afri.can Amer.ican Museum and checked out Terminal Market.

On the Trolley

Terminal Market

Biggest sandwiches i've ever seen!

The market rocks – my husband picked up some wine bottles, we had awesome chee.sesteak sandwiches and I suppressed the urge to gorge on all the sweets available because

…I do have gestational diabetes.  F.uck.  Of 4 blood tests, I failed 2, not by much, but failing is failing.  I am trying to book an appointment with a doctor that will develop a plan for me.  I’ll have to prick myself and take other steps for management.  If you’ve read this blog for 2 minutes you know i’ve dealth with worse.  I can do this.  I’d appreciate the tips that have already been offered – that would be great.

A colleague gave her resignation on Friday; her husband landed a great opportunity elsewhere so they will be moving.  We had our stressed moments, but in the end she really was a good person, and was a wonderful resource.  I’m glad we are getting along better and that she will leave on this positive note.

Val.entine’s Day rocked.  My husband gave me a netbook intended for said holiday, but I had no internet so I got it ealier – hence the blogging.  I got a digital camera, flowers and a charming card.  He got a smile from me and my gratitude – hey i’m paying back the bloodsucking credit cards.

I’ve read that is not a good idea in the 3rd trimester; i’ve also read that it’s just fine.  I don’t have a clue, so I want to ask when I see my doctor this Wednesday.

I’m suffering from MAJOR hip pain, well truth to be told it’s right smack in my behind.  I’m pretty sure it’s sciatic nerve pain.  Call it what you want, but it’s literally a pain in the ASS.  If I walk too much or stand too long it’s starts to kick in.   Not fun.  Worthwhile, but no fun.

So that’s my deal.  What’s yours?


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  1. I too barely failed my Gest. Diabetes test—by 2 lousy points. Good news is that it was managed with diet. Mini meals and poking my finger 2X a day to check sugars.

    The tailbone pain. Oh yeah. I was all over that, and pain in the crotch that felt like I was being ripped apart. Tylenol was my BFF from 2nd until she showed up. Lots of rest when you can. Body pillows. Also good investment.

    Waiting patiently,


  2. Ooh I remember the hip pain and it was bad. In fact I thought it was worse than the actual birth, but that’s just me.

    Looks like you made out for Valentine’s Day. We didn’t even exchange cards but I did get a homemade card and flowers from the boys I nanny for. so sweet.

    Best of luck at your appt on Wednesday!

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