Work & A Slight Bump in the Road


I returned back to work yesterday.  I was well received – many hugs and questions as to my ‘sudden’ (for those at work that did not know) leave.  There were curious looks at my belly – so I finally spilled the beans about the pregnancy.  I’m at that stage where it’s hard to tell whether i’ve indulged in too much cheesecake or if I have a little passenger on board.  When my news met elated joy I was honest about why I am much more reserved.  I let whoever I was speaking to know that I have suffered through 2 prior losses.  Everyone was very supportive, and I feel like I am back into the swing of things.  One guy in particular told me that there were 2 devasting pregnancy losses in his own family and that he REALLY understood.  I just had to hug him – he was so sweet and sensitive.  At this point I feel no residual pain from the surgery, the only pain I feel is hip pain which has been a constant in all of my pregnancies. 

The only bad news is that my results from my glucose screening came back at ‘elevated’.  I now have to wait for next steps to arrive in the mail from my ob/gyn’s office.   From what the nurse told me, I will have to take a 3 hour test that will involve 3 blood draws for confimation of gestat.ional dia.betes.  I was frantic when I first heard the message on my voicemail.  My doctor’s office calling and leaving no details except a request for a callback worried me for bad news.  I mean things went downhill with Emi after a call revealed that she had a risk of a devastating neural tube defect.  Thankfully, once I spoke to the nurse, she assured me that that blood test came back negative. (Although in my opinion she took too long to say “negative”).  Whew… Cool beans.


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  1. So glad that everyone at your office has been so supportive, it does help to be surrounded by people who care.
    Hang in there for the additinional tests, I really hope it all turns out ok!

  2. Ugh, I hate when Dr.’s leave cryptic messages on voice-mail…blech!

    Just FYI – I had gestational diabetes…so if you end up getting it, please feel free to ask me about my experience or for any tips….

  3. Honey if gestational diabetes is it, then holy shit yeah! lol I know it’s still not fun and it can still pose problems, but it’s doable.

    And boooo for no quick negative! Those women need to learn to talk faster lol

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