16 Weeks, 4 Days & A Healthy Dose of Forgiveness


I had quite an eventful visit today at the OB/GYN.  All is well. (Yay!) I had to have an AFP blood draw, Glucose tolerance test and a cervical length.  The technician checked in on Zygote prior to checking my length.  Zygote’s heartbeat, fluid and size were all looking good.  He (I can’t refer to the baby as he/she for the rest of this pregnancy and ‘It’ is out of the question!) was waving his hands around and kicking up his legs – very active.  The best part was the cervical length check.  The tech was practically drooling over Dr. Miracle’s work.  The placement – in her words – was pefect, it could not be more ideal.  The TAC was waaaaaay up on my cervix, right at the internal os, where the uterus and cervix meet.  She said that usually with traditional vaginal cerclages they are placed a lot lower and are not always as high as they should be, but she was very happy about the TAC.  She applied fundal pressure – and the TAC did not budge for anything.  After the surgery I had a cervical length of 3.0 and now it’s a 4.1!!!!  She told me I can cross cervical incompetence off my list of worries.  Glad to!  Indeed.  The TAC is worth the pain and the slight soreness I still feel.  But I am much better and it is ALL worth it.

I had the consult with the OB and we discussed the following:

Should I take P17 shots?  According to my OB, I have had classic cervical incompetence.  I have no pre-term risk factors.  So, um, no.

I received the H1N.1 vaccine.

My bloodpressure is very good.

I had my blood drawn for the glucose test as well as my AFP screening.

I’ve gained about 11 lbs.

I received my medical certificate stating I can go back to work this Monday.  (After 3 whole weeks – I hope I don’t have to be re-trained.)  🙂

The eventful part:  While waiting I saw Drama Queen walk into the waiting room.  (What are the odds?  I didn’t even know that we went to the same practice.) We have not seen each other in over 2 years.  I said hello to her and noticed she was visibly upset and looked very shaken.  I asked her to sit down and asked her if she was ok.  In an unsteady voice she told me that one of the OB’s just confirmed her 6th chemical pregnancy.   She does not know if she can have more kids and she will need several more tests.  She said she knew I understood her pain and I empathetically nodded.  She asked if I was there for good news.

“I hope so,” I responded.  I decided this was not a good time to tell her about my happy news, even as I contemplated her lack of compassion for me while she was pregnant with her daughter.  She had tinted glasses on, but I could still see into her eyes as she told me: “I don’t beleive our meeting here was a coincidence – God wo.rks in mysterious ways.  If I ever offended you or hurt you in anyway, I am truly very sorry and hope you can forgive me.  I really mean it, and I’m not just saying this because I am hurting.”  I smiled at her and we hugged.  I gladly accepted her extended olive branch, this was truly very big of her.  

Wow.  Just wow.


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  1. Well hot damn! Yay! That is all such excellent news and I’m so totally over the moon! I can’t wait to meet this new little person 🙂

    As for the drama queen … well … I can be too bitter sometimes, I know. But while I wouldn’t wish the IF struggle on anyone, sometimes I do think karma plays out. It’s unfortunate and sad that her new understanding had to come at such a high price.

  2. So glad to hear that things are going well! And that’s quite amazing about running into her under such circumstances. I’m glad – even though it apparently took her own pain to get here – that she realizes that she owed you an apology and extended the olive branch to you.

  3. Yay! Love hearing this update! So are you going to find out what the baby is? (Or should I say, confirm what I already know? LOL)

    There are no coicidences in this life. She was put in front of you today for a reason. Maybe it’s just simply for you to shut that particular door once and for all and move on…..

    Keep the updates coming, sister!!!!! They make my day!

  4. I am always so tickled when an update pops up and its such good news!!! Keep on bakin’ that wee one!
    That is really nice about the olive branch – isn’t it such a relief when the air is cleared? PHEW!

  5. I’m thrilled over your great news! 4.1- wow! That’s truly impressive Jess.

    And I think it’s amazing that she reached out to you and apologized. I’m just sorry for her loss.

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