Anxiety is waaaaaay down….


The last few weeks have been quite busy.  Work had been beefing up but we just eased out of our recruiting peak.  My boss is out on a medical leave and Mother Go.ose is about to go out as well on her own medical leave.  It’s been quite a busy, stressful, crazy time.

My grandmother has been in town for the last few weeks with us and it has been great having her.  She had been walking a lot despite our (Beefcake and I) advice against it.  One day she gets up out of bed…takes one step…feels a surge of pain and falls over.  When I got home she told me on how she had been on the floor for over 2 hours and not been able to get up.    She knocked over our paper shredder during her fall so she decided to just start picking up the mess while on the floor.  Then figuring the floor was carpeted she grabbed a pillow off the bed and napped.  She killed me when she told me this.  I insisted on taking her to the emergency room, but she said she only felt arthritis pain, so we iced it for the night.  The next day I came home and her whole foot was swollen and bruised…again she insisted it was just arthritis.  “Yeah, well let’s have a doctor tell us that, shall we?”, I told her.  5 hours later we find out that she fractured 2 bones in her ankle.  My husband is renting her a wheelchair to get around the house.  Instead, she sits in the wheelchair (like a recliner) and gets up and walks around whenever she needs to.  She also goes through 5lbs of sugar in less than 2 weeks when she makes herself lemonade.  I have given up on chastising her – she’s 85 years old with no sugar or high cholesterol issues and the lady has the cohones to walk on a broken ankle.  I think she’s made it this far…I just chuckle to myself and let her be.

In baby news, I am having unusually strong symptoms; I am virtually in a state of constant queasiness.  Not fun.  I’m also eating non-stop.  I have gained almost 10lbs – like it’s cool.  We refer to baby as ‘The Zygote’.  I am over 9 weeks,  in 3 weeks I am scheduled to have a triple-screen and they will look too see if baby is Meckel-Gruber free.  Our odds for success are 75% – but I don’t beleive in odds – I beleive in fate. 

I also beleive in  Zolo.ft is a god.  I went to the doctor yesterday and was told my blood pressure was 110 over 70 as opposed to 140/90 only 3+ weeks ago (prior to  I also went to see my in-laws for the first time in nearly a year.  The meds really got me through it – they are really working on my anxiety.

The rest of my family and friends are due to come in between today and tomorrow.  I can’t wait for lots of food and fun.  Happy Thanksgiving friends – there are so many of you I wish I could just hug!


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  1. Dammit girl, why do I have tears in my eyes? Good tears, I should say. I’m just so happy to see an update from you, to know that “the boy” (I’m still standing by my guess!) is good, and that you are feeling better emotionally and mentally. Maybe not physically with the all day morning sickness but it’s a small price to pay right?

    I wish you the best Thanksgiving of your life, and I want you to know that I feel very thankful to have “met” you. Love you, girl.

  2. Your Grandma cracks me up. I got sad when I read she fell and slept on the flloor for hours but she sounds like a feisty one. I think I’d like her 🙂

    I wish I could hug you too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Your grandma kills me lol What a woman!

    I’m glad to see a better-mood post. So yay for zoloft! If that’s what you need to get through this and to deal with the in-laws, then so be it.

    I hope your holiday was filled with a ton of food and even more laughter. *hugs*

  4. Glad to know things are going well with you and baby. Your Grammy is going to be just fine. She sounds like so much fun! Glad the zoloft is working well for you. I could use some but I was taking some s**t last year that made me feel so bad the one day I did not take it that I decided it was better for my peace of mind to get off it. I did (eventually) but I a glad you found something that works well for you..

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