Hanging in there…


Last week I had some very bright bleeding and I went to the doctor’s office right smack in the middle of the workday.   They took a peek and saw a healthy sack, but no baby sighting as it was too early in the pregnancy.  As you may expect, I was a big ball of nerves and after sitting with my doctor I finally asked her if there was anything that I can take for my anxiety.  She prescribed zo.loft.  Bless her heart.  It’s been a week and I’m already feeling releif.  I came back to work and let my boss know what’s going on.  She asked if I was excited or nervous.  “Nervous…very.”

In other news, I made a big booboo at work.  I had a group of people show up for orientation at 7am.  It was supposed to be at 9am.  They were just sitting there…waiting.  Finally the security guard calls my boss at home…and the general manager calls my boss at home…and then yet another manager calls my boss at home….all wondering why there are a group of people just sitting in an empty room.  This is my first BIG mistake and everyone had to find out???  Earlier that week I had another booboo – per the request of a manager and someone senior to me in the HR department I called a new hire and told said person not to return to work due to apparently false statments in their application.  Apparently all terminations have to go through my boss first.  Ask me if I knew?   I have worked in places where it goes both ways.  She was not happy last week and therefore I was not too happy last week.   

Between the bleeding and my royal screw-ups at work the old me would be climbing the walls with worry.  Post 1 week of zo.loft?  I am actually doing somewhat ok.

Plus…my grandma has been visiting for the last week.  She flew in last weekend.  It has been great having her…she chats with me while I cook dinner, makes me lemonade, gives me kisses at night before bed,  and she always calls me her little girl.  When I told her about work and the pain in the ass I work with – Mother Goose – you know what she told me?

“Many years ago, when I worked in the factory I had to deal with all these annoying women who would drive me crazy.  Guess what?  Some of them I can’t remember and the others are all dead.”

I love my grandma – she has a way of putting things in perspective.


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  1. Your grandma cracks me up. I smiled when I read she makes you lemonade and kisses you goodnight. Isn’t that what Grandma’s are for?

    I’m so sorry for the bleeding- you don’t need the worry, the anxiety or the stress. But I’m glad the Zoloft is working for you.

  2. I love what your grandmother said. Sounds like something mine would say as well. I’m glad you asked for some help with the anxiety, and that it seems to be helping. Hang in there.

  3. hah much love to Grandma.

    I feel ya on the ‘does everyone need to know?!?’ front. My biggest mistake was found by a head honcho, who proceeded to pass it around to other managers in an “omg this is bad, but funny” sort of way. My supervisor, who said I wasn’t even a thought in her head, about died when she discovered it was me of all people that did it. Woops. Lessen #1 … if you go to youtube and copy / paste something for someone, just be sure your paste is clear before moving on to your job … which requires copy / pasting. oy.

  4. LOL….love Grandma. She’s a very wise woman! Glad to see this update, I think about you every day and say a little prayer for you and that boy. LOL I’m gonna be really annoyed if I’m wrong about this one! 🙂

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