Moving Forward


Beefcake and I visited my family during the July 4th holiday (ahhh…Emi’s would-be due date…but I digress). He wanted me to take this trip before we start TTC again.  He is convinced that as soon as we start trying next month he will knock me up “very soon”.  I hope so.  Many years ago when we had just started dating he joked that he would get me pregnant as soon as he tried.  He was right – he knocked me up on our honeymoon.


AT-00037Beefcake still has a job (thank the universe!) – but just incase and in order to squash debt we took in a roomate.  He is a very nice young man.  Quiet and  pridictable – but he uses my salt and other condiments which drives me batty!  The other day, I thought i’d be a bad-ass and try some of his condidments…I know I can be lame. 

He actually moved in to the room that was meant for Emi and then Daniella.  When we were cleaning out the room for him I found my husband’s old backpack and in it were items from when I was pregnant with Emi.  It was a time capsule of sorts – filled with tips for the ‘new daddy’ and tips for pregnancy, an eyeliner I used at the time and some appointment note cards for doctor’s visits.  The process of cleaning out that room and simulteaneously sifting through  memories were both difficult and theraputic, yet undoubtedly necessary.

A dream deferred...

Work is picking up – although it sucks that I still have to sit in reception.  My boss’s hope is that by sometime in August I take over our campus’ recruiting function – which is a big deal with TONS OF RESPONISIBILITY.  I am also learning our safety program and brushing up for teaching more training sessions.  Work – although increasingly challenging now – is really revving up.  I joked to my husband that there is absolutely no room left in my brain for anything new…if I learn one more thing I may forget my name at this point!  My head is just so jammed with the learning of new procedures and concepts.  If I learn 2 more things -I will forget my name and the fact that I am married…and then i’ll go out for drinks during happy hour! Yeah…the husband did not find that funny.

I can’t beleive I am prepping for TTC again, for the last several weeks as I pop prenatals I have thought to myslef: Holy Shit!


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  1. I was thinking about you and was going to send you an email then I saw you in my reader!

    That was mightly brave of you to try his condiments…I mean let him live with you! How long will he be there? I would feel so weird with a stranger in my house, but then again I’m very private.

    I’m impressed and proud of you for cleaning out that room and making room for someone else. I don’t know if I could have done it.

    TTC? That’s amazing. Once I started popping my prenatals it seemed so much more real. I hope it happens for you faster than it is for me 🙂

    Miss you my dear!


  2. I’m glad to hear you’re doing okay. Is it weird that I’m excited that you are ready to start trying again? I’m ready to be an aunt…haha.

    Oh and I have NO DOUBT it will happen fast, the way you two go at it. LOL

    Good luck, honey! I had a dream about a month ago about you (weird, I know) and you had a little baby boy you were showing off to me. I hope that was a premonition!

    Baby Beefcake. Can we call him Babycakes for short? 🙂

  3. Confession time..Im busting at the seams giddy like a school girl waiting in seruois anticiaption for the call…”hey bud guess what..Im preg”..oh I cant wait but at the same time Im very nervous thinking of the things my best bud will have to go through..but Im here for you all the way !!!

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