My father-in-law sucks more than yours….


…and for that matter so does the e.e.oc.  i heard back from the e.e.oc. and they found no cause for further action against my former employer.  they stated that although what happened to me was unfair, it was not illegal.  that does not make sense to me but at this time, i don’t really want to pursue any further legal action (although i have the right).  i just want to look foward.  although, who knows? I may change me mind…


yesterday while i was out having breakfast with ‘S’ my father-in-law calls the house looking for my husband.  according to the husband, the conversation went something like this:

husband: hello

fil: (screaming) where have you been? and come to the house – now 

husband: i can’t just drop everything, what going on?

fil: your sister and brother are in town and we’ve been worred sick looking for you.  we called your job and your cell and we couldn’t find you. (really?  worried to death, huh?  yet you call him at the house now?)

husband: i have told you over and over to call the house if you can’t reach me otherwise.

fil: silence

husband: hello?

fil: you don’t want to come because of your sister, is that it? (i guess because i was pissed off at his sister for not coming to Daniella’s funeral…which by the way her reason for not coming is not having enough notice, BECAUSE YOU KNOW, WE ALL KNOW WHEN WE ARE GOING TO DIE.)

husband: you all have to learn to call the house when you need me.


the whole conversation was basically a screaming match.  let me tell you this: i am a big crybaby and i am always screaming and crying…my husband not so much.  so for him to have lost it, HE WAS PISSED OFF.  my fil is such an asshole.  what am i going to do if they call, melt them on the other end?   idiots.  so they get pissed off that he does not go to the house to hang out with his family – that’s a problem.  but when it was Daniella’s funeral the fil had to be talked into going and the sister in law does not show.  but father in law does not bitch at the sister for that – OH NO!  i can’t stand that twisted family of his.   

at least he is finally waking up to their bullshit…he’s finally realizing what i have known all along: they expect far more of him than they are willing to provide him.



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  1. Thank you for leaving me a comment.

    I ready your story and…I don’t even know what I can say to you. I’m so sorry for everything you and your DH have been through. Your strength gives me strength. ((HUGS))

  2. OMG…LOL…”worried sick” because they called work and his cell and didn’t get him? Do these people thrive on drama or what??? Good Lord!

    The thing I immediately got out of this, is that they don’t want to talk to you because they know how much they’ve hurt you, so they refuse to call the house. (Might I suggest you answer his cell when you’re together and they call? That will send them over the edge! LOL)

    Ah, he’s a fucktard. (You knew I’d use that word here sometime!)

  3. If they were so concerned and thought he was near death, why didn’t they call where they knew he’d be? Why didn’t they go to your house to take his pulse?

    Some people are so chicken shit.

  4. I just don’t get that … do they think you’ll send some sort of ray through the phone and burn their eyes out or something? Good grief.

    It’s good to hear the hubby stood up to it, though. The only person that can change their behavior is him.

    ryc: With my working for a temp agency, I don’t have health insurance. And I’m just catholic enough to know that I’ll go to the doc thinking it’s an ulcer and end up coming out with stomach cancer. And no insurance. So I’m waiting.

    Although that will be solved in less than 30 days *wink*

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