A night with the ‘stars’


Yesterday we treated BigSexy and Mr. Diplomat to a tasty (and well deserved) family style luch at Maggian.os.  We ate too much but had a good time.  We’ve been meaning to treat them forever (they are fantastic friends) and forever was yesterday! 

Later that night we went to the NJ BBW Bash.   The theme was something like ‘stars and paparazzi’.   At the entrance of the hall there was a red carpet laid out; a few men dressed as bodyguards stood by as the ‘paparazzi’ took photos of you.  A lot of plus size models and pin-up models showed up.  They were dressed so beautifully in their flowing ball gowns and they take such pride in their unique beauty that I was floored.  They were just stunning in all their opulence.  BigSexy dressed up and looked beautiful also.    When we arrived my husband and I hung out at the bar waiting for BigSexy.  She calls my cell phone a few minutes later and tells me to meet her at room 334- her boss’s room.  This was the first time she had an opportunity to meet her boss as all interactions had been done via the internet and over the phone.   When we got to the room, I was introduced to all the models that are a part of BigSexy’s company.  BigSexy was so excited to introduce us; every introduction started like this: “This is Jaded, she’s my bff – the one I have told you about”.  What a bud.

Back at the party we all sat down at a table across from the ‘competition’ which were plus-sized Can.adia.n models.  I found it quite funny.  I think they are all stunning and there is a ‘big’ enough (pun absolutely intended) market out there for all of them. 

I was also introduced to the plus-sized community’s most eligible bachelor – a very good looking (and very wealthy) recent transplant from Austr.ali.a to Ne.w Y.ork City.   He, as an engineer,  got all caught talking to my husband (an architect) about shop talk.  The whole time, BigSexy is giving me this very funny look trying to gage if I think he’s cute.  Sometimes my friend makes me just laugh out loud you know?  Here I am trying to be discreet and she was making it hard for me to keep a straight face.  She  just makes me feel like a kid sometimes.

Today I went out for breakfast with S.  She was fired laid off from hell on earth my last job for questionable reasons.  She has been out of work for quite a while and decided to go back to In.dia.  The same day she bought the tickets two interviews materialized and a possible love interest.  I hope she can stay…

Speaking of tickets…I bought tickets to visit my family in Geor.gia next month.  God, I miss them, especially my little brother.  I miss chatting with my mother and grandmother.  I just miss my family…can’t wait to see them.


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  1. OH and by the way, the plus sized community’s most eligible bachelor…HELLO I’M PLUS SIZE AND SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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