A Resolution?


big sexy and mr. diplomat helped my husband and I talk out the issue we have been having with me not feeling like he defends me with his family and the latest with his sister.  i think for the first time ever that he really understands me and what i need of him and that i understand him and what he needs of me.  i really do.

today at a meeting, during a break, the preggo co-worker excitedly pulled sonogram photos out.  this will be her third child if all goes well.  she is praying for a boy, so am i…. i did pretty well in spite of the surprise.  later on in the day i sat my boss down and gave her a brief synopsis of the horror show that is my gyno track record.  she was great.  i told her that i debated telling the preggo colleague the news, but i don’t want her to feel like she has to act differently around me.  i recognize she has a right to her happiness.  instead i asked that my boss not volunteer me for anything baby related like planning baby showers or sending a basket.  she was very supportive.

i feel vulnerable; and really i took a leap of faith in beleiving that she is nothing like my former incompetent boss.

we took peaches for a walk last sunday and when she jumped out of the car she must have landed in an awkward fashion because she will not put any weight on one of her back hind legs.  she has shown no improvement.  she is in good spirits, but no improvement…our appointment is tonight at 6:45pm.  occasionally she whinces and it just kills me to see her like that. 

let’s hope the appointment doesn’t blow the bank account…i was really hoping for a trip to vegas later this summer…


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  1. I’m glad you spoke to your boss, you’ll be glad you in a a few months, I suspect.

    Sorry to hear about Peaches. My in-laws dog (Sierra) did the same a few years ago and tore a ligament in her thigh. To this day, she is encouraged not to run. She just shuffles along. it’s so sad. But she got her injusry from chasing squirrels.

    I hope the appt. goes well.

  2. Good job on talking to your boss. Thing is, you can’t totally avoid all things baby. It’s impossible. But you can ask to be removed from situations that are too hard for you to face at this point in life.

    Are you still seeing the therapist?

    Come to Vegas with me in May. 🙂

  3. It takes a lot of courage to tell a boss what you did. It may not seem like it, but it really does. *hugs*

    Update on Peaches???? I hope it’s nothing more than a sprain!

    My big boy, Hoss, has luxation in his back knees and has spent most of his life gimpy one day and not the next. He learned to milk it, though. I’d holler at him for something and next thing I know, he was limping away and looking all pitiful. Booger learned he got lots of love and attention when he limped, so I had to learn to not be so “oooohh my baaabbyyyy” with him lol

  4. So sorry I’ve been absent for so long – but I’ve caught up with everything now, and I just wanted to let you know that I’m so sorry that your inlaws suck so very much. You really do deserve loving, supportive people around you…
    And good on you for talking to your boss…


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