The Crap just Keeps on Piling!


One of the supervisors at my job asked me to take a photo of her staff for a job well done.  I arrived first and her staff was waiting.  Then some moments went by and I attempted small talk with her guys.   They laughed about her when they realized she was tardy.   When she finally arrived she asked if I had the camera, which I did not.  They laughed at both of us this time.  She went on to explain that she wanted to take their photo to recognize their hard work.  “For what?” one of the guys asked with an attitude.  I was sort of sick of their attitude by now and told them that we should all be thankful for working for a company that cares enough about their employees to take their photo.  The assistant supervisor of this department that has a bad reputation starts talking in Spanish to the guys.  I ask him to translate for the supervisor and he says that she understands.  I told him I doubt it because she doesn’t know a word of Spanish, and he finally does so.  Then he goes on to correct my Spanish repeatedly when I speak.  The guys start to complain that they are being stretched thin and I go on to say I understand because I am working on being a receptionist and human resources rep and trainer.   I offered that not too long ago another warehouse supervisor was short on staff and that I told her that I may not know how to drive a forklift but I can count labels and stuff boxes if need be.  Guess what the smart ass assistant says:  “It’s not like you would be lifting boxes!”, and they all go on to laugh at me.  I looked him dead in the eye and said: “I am not the one”.  He chilled the fuck out.  I told them that I understood their pain and am available to hear them out and interpret on their behalf to their supervisor.  I shared that I once worked at a terrible company and that I want them to keep in mind that this is a great company and that management is doing all possible for all of us to keep our jobs in this economy and for us to work under desirable working conditions.  Before parting, I appologized if I came across as passionate (thinking of my last job brought tears to my eyes) and thought I left things on good terms.  When I get back to my desk the assistant supervisor called and apologized, I felt better and I thought we squashed it.

The next thing I know the general manager informs me that a group of guys from the department reported me for maliciously talking to them.  They also reported their boss.   I can’t even beleive this.  I think management is siding with me and my story but this is not over and it was suggested that I talk to them indivividually and tell them that I am sorry if there was a misunderstanding.  I have heard through the grapevine that these guys are notorious for being problematic and have issue with any authority coming from women.  Another HR rep told me she beleives that it was the assistant that coached them into reporting me.  Whatever, we shall see.

That night I came home and cried and got really upset about things.  Then I spoke to my mom and she told me that my uncle, who has been very sickly quite suddenly and who has gone to the ER more times than could be counted is suspected of having an illness that is “very serious”.  So serious in fact that the specialist that will see him tomorrow refused to tell our family what he thinks it is in order not to worry us.  I am so fucking flipping out right now that it’s not even funny.  My uncle, is my mom’s baby brother.  He is the same one that made my life a living hell while doing drugs.  However, before and after that period of his life he was the best uncle imaginable and he treated me like a baby sister.   He made no distinction between his daughers and me and he offered to kick my husband’s ass many years ago when we were dating and he broke my heart.  (I declined the offer). The doctors are preparing us for very very bad news.  I can’t even beleive I am writing out these very words.  I just think of my poor grandmother burying her son, and I want to rail my fists in the air and scream UNFAIRNESS, because she doesn’t deserve this.  Tomorrow he meets with the specialist.  

I was sort of losing my mind yesterday and my husband and I said a collective FUCK YOU to the status quo and headed out for some gambling.  We lost $60, ate good food and piled on the drinks.  WE HAD FUN!   But we are back to the current reality.

I may have my doubts on the power of prayer from time to time and although I beleive in a loving God I am having trouble labeling what exact role my faith is playing in my life.  But I ask you this:  That anyone that reads this please pray to God or the universe or whatever, but please say a few positive words and think of my family.

Thank you.


About Jessica Emilia

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  1. Absolutely. Sometimes when it seems like too much, it keeps on coming. I’m sorry those guys were being jerks, but I will surely say prayers for your family.

  2. Gah … why do some people have to be such assholes?!?

    Here’s to hoping they really are known for making trouble and the uppers take it all with a huge grain of salt. And that they don’t make you meet with each one to apologize. Because, really, wtf?!? They insult the company, get snarky with you and their boss, and YOU have to apologize? Pfffft … let them quit and see how tough it will be to find another job.

    I’m all sorts of angry for you.

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