A good weekend…


I somehow rallied from feeling blue about my colleague’s pregnancy.  I have to say she is a doll, she really is and I recognize she has the right to her happiness.   I will keep a brave face;  luckily we are in separate buildings on the same campus.  One of the HR ladies in her building gave her notice, so I feel like my position just got a little more secure.   The powers that be also signed me up to do more training/presentations.   (This is a direct result of last week.)  They will be on sexual h.arassment and the company’s culture.  I will sit through two in English and then present two with the pregnant colleague in Spanish.

I had a fabulous weekend.  The husband and I had a nice quiet Friday – we ordered in and ate our weight in pizza!  On Saturday we did some housework and went through bills.  Then we headed to Joy’s place.  Holy shit, can the woman cook!  I mean I can throw it down in the kitchen, but she can c-o-o-k!  She baked 3-inch pork chops which she filled with stuffing and shrimp;  she baked them with baby potatoes and portabello mushrooms.  On the side she had sauteed spinach with garlic.  She started with this wonderful salad made with homemade vinagerette (sp), fresh mozzarela, thick tomatoes, avocado and greens.  I think I love this woman!  Then we played guitar hero for nearly 4 hours with her and her husband – they have two guitars, drums and a microphone.  Yeah, we went a little crazy!  It also helps if you have all been drinking the whole evening, but I digress.

And then on Sunday my baby cousin (the 19 year old) came over with her first ‘real’ (as in dating for longer a few weeks) boyfriend.  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!  My baby is all grown up.  So we played hostess to them.   It was great.  I remember a year ago the husband and I gave her a pep talk on college.  She didn’t know if she could handle it and work.  Now she works over 30 hours a week, goes to college full time and has a man.  I love this girl and I am so very proud of her.  I was just looking at her and thinking : oh-oh! go on with your bad self!

And then I fell asleep like I woke up – in my husband’s arms.  Yeah, the weekend was wonderful.


About Jessica Emilia

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