Reving up for Unio.n Busting!


An uncharacteristically chipper post ahead.  Beefcake took off from work on friday.  Dinner was ready when I got home from work (Beef stir-fry) and then we settled in for the night watching tv and eating apple pie.  Saturday was spent running a million errands and then some. 


He needed slippers yet somehow I ended up getting this really cute grey sequenced top.  Oh well.  After that we went to a bar for appetizers and drinks and then headed to Stephanie’s place for a late dinner and yummy desert.  


All my friends gave me tips on how to relax.  Stephanie suggested I wear red underware of some sort, just so that when I feel exposed while presenting I can remember I have a little secret underneath.  Mr. Diplomat made me smile when he called me a uni.on bu.ster.!!! 

Today was another chill day; we went to the mall for kicks and then he headed to his bud’s house.  I’m home alone sipping on the margarita that I meant to have last week, but oh well. 

On the job front – all is well; the last 2 1/2 weeks have been a crash course on all things ‘union’.  I sat through 5 presentation last week that my boss and the general manager gave to get me used to the presentation/enviornment.  I also met some head-honchos from our corporate office.  They told me that they just had to meet the young lady that my boss had fought so hard to get in – I was really touched.  One of them asked how I felt about presenting next week and I told him I was seeing slides in my sleep.  He advised that I stop studying and trust myself as I know the material; he put me at ease.

This week is show time – tomorrow I am presenting via video conferencing to a colleague in North Caro.lina.  After that 9 more (yes, NINE more) presentations this week.  Three each on, and friday.  This is the greatest career challenge I have ever had.  As nervous as I am, I am as ready as I’ll ever be.  At this point, I just want to get it all over with.


About Jessica Emilia

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  1. Miss Chipper! I love it 🙂

    I also think you look beautiful in your picture. It made me smile. Good luck tomorrow hon! I’m sure you’ll kick ass this week wearing your red panties. I gotta get me some of those!

  2. Go J! Go J! Go J!!!!!!!!!

    And can I just say…you look AMAZING in that picture?!?!?! You are truly a gorgeous woman.

    Now go kick some union ass.

  3. Oh loving the new attitude!! yay!

    Good luck on the presentations, although I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully. It’s awesome that your boss knows what you’re capable of and – even better – has told others. About time they let you show your stuff!

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