Working Challenges – The Good & The Plain Gross


I met with my boss today as well as the operations manager.  Let me tell you: they have dreams for me.  It seems my boy-hero O.bama, is hoping to pass the free ch.oic act.  I’ll save you the lesson, but this act will enable unions to form very easily and very quickly.  I work for a major furniture and hoursewares distributor, (think the likes of P.ier or E.than A.llen – but not them), and the last thing management would want are unions.  So they want me to give several presentations on unions, their history here in the U.S. and the company’s stance on it.  All in Spanish.  This is a huge endeavor.  It would give me a lot of exposure and really put me out there as a member of human resources on our campus.  We went over the presentation today.  Tomorrow my boss wants me to present to her as my first dry run in English. Talk about hitting the ground running! Next is a dry run with executive level managers in Spanish on Friday (one of which was a former Span.ish interpretor-so she knows her shit).  Next I am to conduct a videoconference to present to a Spanish-only speaking employee in Nort.h (wassup Martha!).  These are just to get me ‘comfortable’.  Finally next week I will begin presenting to our employees in Spanish – about 10 presentations in total.  NO PRESSURE!!!!  Unlike my last boss, at least they understand that this is a challenge.    It is not thinly veiled that they want me to do well; if I do there will be more presentations and professional development down the road.  I’m really nervous but so excited.  I would rate my Spanish 3 out 5 stars and my knowledge on unions as 1 out of 5 stars.  I need to become a master of this presentation by next week.  This should be interesting.

I walked away on a professional high.  I get back to my desk and the customer service girls (that are situated right by me) are talking a mile a minute as usual.  From the moment they get in to the moment I leave it is non-stop talking with those ladies.  So annoying.  I could half way stand it, if it were actually interesting.  Instead, I know (unfortunately) who wears underware to bed, who walks around the house naked, whose boobs sag…etc.   Sometimes they talk too loud, sometimes one of them sings and terrible too.  It’s always STUPID though.  I deal somehow, mostly I cringe, but I deal.  But today…the ‘singer’ described the smell of something as that of menstral blood and I had enough.

“I didn’t need to hear that.  Seriously.”

“Oh i’m sorry.  I don’t want you to think differently of me J.”  Over and over again with the apologies.  Then she asks about how my meeting with my boss went. 

“Fine. Thanks.”

After this little exchange you could have heard a pin drop.  And yes, I did speak to my boss about this two weeks ago, and yes she did speak to their boss.  And no, things have not changed.  And one of them has been there 5 years, and another 9 years and the other one over 10 years.  So no nothing is going to change…ahhhhh…

Well that’s a wrap, I guess.  Back to preparing for my presentation.  Heck, back to Be.n & Jerry’s.  Can’t forget those guys.


About Jessica Emilia

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  1. ” who wears underware to bed, who walks around the house naked, whose boobs sag” Are you taking about me 🙂

    Well this is great. no wonder you’re on a “professional high”. I hope this gives you something positive to focus on. Best of luck to you!

  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Presentations in Spanish? Wow, if you can pull that off, you are my new hero! If had to say anything other than “Hola. Mi nombre es Julia. No puedo hablar español digno de mierda.” I’d be in trouble!!!!!

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