Not so patient…


Currently our dreams of becoming parents are on hold.  I wanted to be at my new job long enough to have my position protected by law when I go on a 2-3 week leave (approximately) due to the placement of an abdominal cerclage. My anniversary date is November 25th, 2009; that is when I make a year.   Any time thereafter, I can go on leave.   When I become pregnant again and the baby is healthy, the abdominal cerclage will be placed at roughly 14 weeks.   If you do loose math, that means I can’t fall pregnant before September 2009 or else I will be 14 weeks before November 25th.  I don’t want a repeat of my last job if I can help it, but I don’t want to wait!

I have every reason in the world to wait until then: to secure my positon further, be protected by law and to work on our debt.  Guess what? I don’t want to wait.  I just got my period and all I can think about is trying to conceive this cycle.  Beefcake and I briefly discussed it, but he feels we have a good plan in place and that we should stick with it.  I know he’s right, hell it was my idea in the first place. 

A lot of shadow babies are having birthdays.  Big Sexy’s daughter just turned two.  My husband’s sister, drama queen and my friend from the support group all have new babies that will be turning one this year.   Emi’s second birthday is this Monday.  And here I am, no closer to my dream, painfully watching time go by.

When will it by my turn?


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  1. Soon, it will be your turn soon. And you know all about the best laid plans – they never work out the way that you think they will but I think it’s good for you to be in your job a little longer. Maybe NOT actively trying will make something happen…I’m just saying…I also know wanting to have a baby NOW! I’m sending good thoughts your way…please know that someone in NC thinks about you…

  2. My theory is to throw all plans out the window! Just do what feels right at the moment. If it feels right to try on this cycle then do it. If you’re stressed over the summer then take a couple months off. If you decide to keep waiting til November, then that’s okay too. Do what’s right for you.

    I’ll be thinking of Emi this weekend as we “celebrate” Jack’s second birthday in Heaven. Please call me if you need to.

  3. What a gorgeous picture of you and hubby on your wedding day. Is that new or am I just that oblivious? 🙂

    The emotional part of me says, screw it…let the chips fall where they may and if it happens before then, you’ll have to deal with the job situation however you can. The logical part says…wait. You don’t need the added stress if you get pregnant now of worrying about losing your job. So wait it out, and do it on the timetable that makes the most sense for you….

    I’m not much help, am I?

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