Therapy Session #3 – The ‘Yo-Yo’


Just got back from therapy.

We discuss the ‘yo-yo’.  It’s simple.

Our subconscious mind sends emotions and bits of memory up to our conscious mind so that we will deal with the pain these reminders bring.  The hope is that we confront them and put it behind us (in time).    Most support groups function this way; every time you attend you tell the group why you are there.   In this way, you come to confront your inner demons.  Outside of a support group structure, we usually respond by pushing those feelings right back down in order to not to deal with them.     Up and down…like a yo-yo. 

Makes perfect sense.

I asked him if he thought I had Pos.t Traumatic Str.ess Disorder.

“Just a hint”, he answers simply.

I breathe deeply.

“Do you think that there is something wrong, I mean really wrong with me.  Do you think I may need medication or do you think I might be nuts?” (Blunt, right?)

He smiles: “You are ok.  You are doing fine.  You are taking the right steps.  I have met with rape victims and people that have survived car accidents, and they all ask the same questions.”

I say, “Sometimes the thought of living the rest of my life with this pain is overwhelming.”

He shifts in his seat and seems to drop the ‘therapist’ posture.  He leans forward.

“You will never be over this.  The goal is that you live your life inspite of it.”


About Jessica Emilia

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  1. I have to say that I LOVE your therapist. It is so nice to see that someone (other than a fellow deadbabymama) “gets” it. I may have to put his last quote up in my bathroom or something – live my life in spite of it. Somehow, we all keep going…there are days that I have no idea how we do it, though.

  2. “You will never be over this. The goal is that you live your life inspite of it.”

    What a great statement. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for posting this today. I really needed it…I’ve been having such a hard time lately.

    Living life in spite of it…

    I’m headed to the doctor myself to find out if I’m nuts or if I should be in a hospital somewhere…I’ll keep you posted ; )

  4. I am sorry that you’ve been going through so much pain right now. It is hard to trust again after experiencing something so traumatic. Good luck to you on your journey towards self-actualization and confidence. You are very brave for writing about your experiences.

    Take care,


    Take the Reins

  5. Wow. I think that statement…“You will never be over this. The goal is that you live your life in spite of it.”….can apply to many of us in a lot of ways.

    I hope you’re getting as much out of your therapy as I am! LOL

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