Apple Pies…Snowmen…and other Duties…


I have neglected to write much (or at all) about my new position because quite frankly I was not doing much.  My first week I was working on putting labels on over 400 apple pies for distribution to our employees for….then preparations….making snowmen out of construction paper…putting up Christ.mas trees…putting up festive holiday banners…working on labels…a lot of filler work.  The boss was not kidding about light phones while serving as a receptionist…they are light and I do get bored, but slowly (and I do mean slowly) duties are being added to my plate.  As busy as the department is, everyone is just too busy to slow down and train me on new things.  So I spent the first two weeks doing arts and crafts, lol.   Things started to change last week after an ‘Interviewing Ski.lls’ training with the HR Generalist that I work closely with.  She asked me a lot of questions, and I think I impressed her because the next day I got a call from the boss with the ‘next steps’.  She asked about my comfort level with observing my colleague interview and eventually my interviewing while being observed.  Then earlier this week the HR Generalist asked if I would like to interview a applicant that only spoke S.panish while she observed (it went well, although I was nervous)….and tomorrow I am going attend a meeting on job descriptions with my colleague and the boss.  So still doing a lot of ‘filler’ work here, but certainly being given opportunities to prove myself.  And that’s all I ask for – an opportunity.

Nothing beats getting paid!  I got my first paycheck about a week and a half ago (payday this Friday) and it was wonderful to be able to contribute to our household outside of an unemploym.ent check.   It feels wonderful to work; I appreciate having a job like never before.  While I was unemployed, there was no shortage of the “state of the e.conomy” on television.  So trust me, I get how so very lucky I am to have this job, even if it means the occasional arts and crafts session.


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  1. Sounds like fun, who wouldn’t like to get paid to make paper snowmen. Now if they would just let you out to play in the snow… 🙂

    BTW, I put up a new post about Mr. H’s favorite things. He’s so excited about it, so I thought I’d let you know. Will you please leave a comment for him? It would so make his day…Thanks in advance!

  2. congrats again on the new job! great to have nailed that down before the holidays too. hard to find the time and energy to write wen you’re so busy, I know.

  3. Sounds like things are moving in the right direction. How exciting!!

    I so get the new appreciation for a job thing. I hear people at my office talk about hating their job and yadda yadda and I just want to say – try being on unemployment for 7 months, bringing in only $247 a week and paying your bills with it. Then come back to me and bitch about having to come to work every day.

  4. I find it so strange starting a new job. It always takes ages before a role actually develops, I reckon anything up to 6 months before you feel like yep I know what I’m doing and I’m busy most of the time. I always try to enjoy the down time at the beginning of a new job, but inevitably I end up not enjoying it because I really like to be busy.
    Although a few days of arts and crafts at work would be cool! Payday is always so good!!!

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