“This is your moment.”


So says the new sexy hair stylist at my hair salon while quite exquisitely massaging my scalp and the back of my neck…ahh a post for another day.  He said this after I told him that this Tuesday (can you beleive it!?) I start working again.

The last almost two weeks have been full.  I was planning a quite successful surprise party for my husband which took up a lot of my time.  I baked him a chocolate cake, meat lasangna, a roast p.ork sho.ulder (or pe.rnil) and a few other faves…lots of friends (including Karen from my support group) and her new bouncing son who is 5 months old (a shadow baby…)  She was so sweet, asking me if I was sure about having them over…assuring me that she wanted me to feel comforatable.  When they arrived I held him and appreciated his weight, the warmth of his body and could not help but think of my babies.  I could not help but contemplate that the last time I held a baby it was my daughter Daniella.  I did well though and I am so glad I finally got throught that hurdle….

Next, I attended an orientation last week and had to schedule a dr.ug test…

Also, BigSexy was going to be featured on the T.yra Ban.ks show and I was spending time with her at her home watching her baby (another shadow baby-she was born the same month Emi was stillborn) while she was being filmed.  The show was about being comfortable in your skin.  Unfortunately when she showed up at the studio she was coached on what to say and when…when BigSexy spoke openly (and not by script) T.yra told her to shut up.  Seriously Ty.ra told her to shut up, so my friend got up, ripped off her microphone and walked off the stage with Mr. Diplomat whom was also there.  I was blown away when BigSexy told me this…so much for an ‘open’ and ‘safe’ forum. 

Tommorrow is “Thanksgivin.g” at BigSexy’s.  BigSexy and Mr. Diplomat are a blended family and since they will be going away to visit her family they wanted to have a holiday with the kids and friends.  So hubby and I will be there with other friends and lots and lots of food.

So back to today…Mr. Sexy Hairstylist was having his way with me my hair while getting to know me.  He asked if I had kids and I said I did not but hoped to in God’s t.ime.  He asked about my new job and I told him I was starting Tuesday.  At that point he paused for some reason and told me that this was my moment.  And you know what?  I beleive him.  This time around I am boldly expecting good things and many blessings.


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  1. I believe it. THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!!!

    Yeah really, why such a bitch? What was BigSexy saying to her that she didn’t like? I’m sure she was just being honest…relly Tyra…get over it!

  2. Hell yes this is your moment, lady! And don’t you forget it! Reach out and grab it by the balls and make it YOUR OWN.

    Screw that tranny Tyra. Although I’d love to know what BigSexy was saying!

    Are you really going to be in OH??? Seriously??

  3. I’m so excited for you! And how awesome is it that we both start a new job this coming week?!?

    A while back, Tyra’s show was running ads asking women if they had a friend going through IF treatments – and if they wanted to tell their friend that it was time to stop and move on, to call to be on the show.

    It was posted on the Resolve message boards and I know dozens sent scathing e-mails to her producers. I mean … it’s hard enough to go through it without having your closest friends berate you on national tv.

    I don’t think it ever aired.

    But I’ve rarely watched her show since. It keeps flashing in my mind that this woman who claims to be all about women and their issues would be so crass and heartless.

  4. Yes, your moment is here. It’s about time.
    You have been quite busy. Good job pulling off the surprise party. And congrats on passing another shadow baby “hurdle”.

    And I’m jealous of the head/neck massage. Maybe I need to go get my hair done!

  5. Wow, so much going on…I hope Tuesday goes smoothly. I’ll be thinking of you…in your moment!

    Good for you for having the strength to hold your shadow baby and feeling okay with it. I’m proud of you!

    I like Tyra, but why would she say that? What a ho! Are they going to air the show after all? I’d love to watch it! And good for BigSexy for stepping up to her.

  6. Julie, no I won’t be in Ohio, but BigSexy’s family is coming in from Ohio. But, we thinking about a trip to Ohio in May.

    Angela, I am soooooo excited for us both…I had a BIG feeling that you and I would be starting a new job in very close proximity of time! On another note that is NOT cool of the Ty.ra show to think of a show like that about infertility treatments, that is a deeply personal decision. Geez!

    And for those who asked, I don’t think the show will air, because they did not have enough material in the studio…but who knows right?

  7. This is your moment! That’s your new motto! Also, you do have kids, they live in your heart and they would be very proud of you for being do strong!

    This is your moment! Yeah you!

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