Get busy living or get busy dying…


…so the saying goes.  

I got the job offer yesterday…finally…thank God…because I was not ‘busy’ in the sense above.  The HR Manager, my new boss, called me yesterday afternoon and gave it to me straight.  Apparently, there was a sudden hiring freeze (no surprise given the state of the economy) and she and the east coast manager were trying to pull strings to get me in, which led to the delay.  I was supposed to have the title of HR Admini.strator with a focus on recruitment.  It seems that I will have a more generalist approach to the position and assist the other members of the department but the catch is I have to do receptionist duty and assist with customer service.  She said that they may get all of 20 calls a day.  I was promised that as soon as a more formal position becomes available or rather, gains approval, she will ‘slide me in’.  I don’t mind this aspect at all, I’ll take it as an opportunity to get to know everyone and to prove myself.  In terms of salary, it’s a little less than what I was hoping for, but it’s still more than what I was making formerly which was not half bad.  There were a few questions she could not answer, such as my title, who I would be reporting to and official start date.   She goes: “Jaded, I literally walked out of a meeting in reference to you and the position and picked up the phone to call you.”  I told her that I was touched by all the hardwork and effort that went into securing a position for me.  Really,  I am touched and fortunate.  Everyday, many people are losing their jobs in this economy.  I should be hearing from her today to hammer out more of the details. 

So there.  I’m content.  Finally…hired.


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  1. Gah I’ve been so worried about you! So so glad you posted hah

    Yay on the job! It’s not exactly what they were posting for and it’s not exactly what you were wanting, but you’re right – it’s a job. And this sounds like you’ll be in the perfect position to get to know everyone along with the business. And that really is a great place to start with a new company.


  2. Angela, thanks so much for worrying, I know my last post was very depressing.
    Julie, hah! my former colleague has you beat, we are going out for drinks this Friday, but you are welcomed along!

  3. Yay! I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately and hoping you were okay.

    Is there any way to get your promised duties in writing? I know you’re happy just to be working, but I don’t want you to get in there and be stuck with no further advancement…know what I mean, jelly bean?

  4. ryc: You are definitely not alone in the talking to the pet department. I’ve caught myself even trying to reason with them like they could understand more than snippets and tone of voice. It’s nuts lol

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