We Like to Party!


This weekend was a f-ing blast!  However, it was not off to a good start because they never called me.  So I called up the recruiter and she said that they were very busy that day (Friday) and that she would speak to the HR Manager.  I never got a call.  Bummer.

But I was not going to let that ruin my weekend.  So like a good little ‘evil spiderwoman’ I dressed in a black shirt and skirt with boots and all black jewerly.  I slipped on a black cape and gloves adorned with gold webbing and went to ny.c to meet up with my husband after work.  We had a few drinks with his boss and another co-worker at a bar and then drove over to a halloween party in Queens.  On the way, I phoned Joy for her exact address.  She told me I couldn’t miss her house.  She wasn’t playing.  Her house was all spooked out for halloween.   Spider webs and spiders…lights…simulated flames…People were taking pictures in front of her home.   They decorated their home down to the plates and utencils.  We had great food and drank way too much. 

On Saturday we went to a party with BigSexy and Mr. Diplomat here in Jersey.  Again, lots of fun and too much drinking.  I had 3 pomegranate martinis, 2 apple martinis and a cranberry and vodka drink.  I woke up with my head spinning, but feel better now. 

Why all the drinking?  About a week ago my husband tells me that his mother told him that I said somethings to her over the phone (months ago mind you) which were ‘terrible and could not be repeated’.  She told my husband that he didn’t want to know what I said.  This is just not true.  But even if it were, his parents are the most insensitive, sensitive people I have ever known of.  All the crap they’ve told me, all the times that they have disregarded my girls or my feelings.  And now she’s playing that she’s sensitive?  So is she lying or exagerating?  Despite this, I agreed to go to my in-laws for Thanksg.iving.  I just couldn’t say no when my husband asked.  I did however tell him that I am not going to sit at someone’s dinner table (on Than.ksgiving of all days!), and have a beef festering.  So he is with his parents today and he promised to get to the bottom of this.  One thing I have always said about his parents is that as uncalled for as their advice and comments are at least they are honest.  If they lose the honesty card then things will be very bad between us.  So I agreed to Thanksg.iving if we can get this resolved.  God help me.


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  1. Glad to know you drank your food group this Halloween- ha! Still healthy, right???

    I hope things can be resolved, because friction between the in-laws is never good.

    Sorry they never called you back 😦

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