I may be on tv…yay!


….but it would be in Sweden…boo.

I guess you’d like the story…lol.  As i’ve mentioned before BigSexy is a plus size model.  She does pin-up style photos along with videos and publishes them monthy on her pay to view website.  She has been doing this for nearly a year and already has a large fan base.  So when producers in Sweden decided to do a piece on b.bws and s.s.bbw’s (Supers.ized B.BW’s) BigSexy was asked to participate along with other such models throughout the U.S.  The crew arrived to follow BigSexy last Tuesday through Sunday. 

I’ll walk you through the week.

Tuesday: arrived and filmed BigSexy doing housework and going shopping; also filmed her partner Mr. Diplomat her son and her baby girl.

Wednesday:  filmed everyone above including me dining at a local restaurant.  I remember being parked outside the restaurant and talking to my mom on my cell.  I got an uexpected crying fit and mom said your babies don’t want to see you cry and not live life;  they want you to go on.  I dried my tears, fought back the ones that were threatning and smiled as I saw the crew film my friend’s entrance into the restaurant.  Once I was composed, I walked in.  While dining and her son was sitting next to me and they wanted a close up of him, and so the camera man positioned his camera very close to my boobs while filming.  This.was.awkward.  Yet it was the only way to get a close-up (so they say).

  After dinner, I met my husband for some drinks at a local bar.

Thursday:  They interviewed the family individually, I was not there.  She was then filmed by this crew as another film crew interviewed her.  I stayed home, feeling sorry for myself, so I missed this.

Saturday: Saturday was Daniella’s due date, but also a very important day for BigSexy.  Early that day they had 9/11 specials on tv.  It made me so sad once again to hear the stories of those who lived or died.  What was so very unfair was the stories of those who were trapped and died.  Most above the impact zone in both towers had no chance.  This gave me perspective.  I thought of Daniella and how she had a chance to live.  I and my husband fought for her, the doctors did and so did she; she fought for 3 1/2 hours at 23 weeks.  We got our chance to fight.  We weren’t blind sighted by some fucked up cowards that want to stuff their fucked idiologies down our throats!  No, our losses of both girls, were brought on by fate or God, but not by man and I was somewhat thankful that.  I was intent on having a good day.  So hubby and I got dressed to the nine’s and went to Har.vest on Hudso.n for dinner with BigSexy and friends and then on to a NYC club.  The club had advertised that her birthday would be celebrated that day and that a male stripper exotic dancer would be there.  Inspite of the terrible weather due to Hurricane Hanna there was a good turnout.  The film crew from Sweden was there to document her birthday and her fans and to document yet another interview that she was having.  (Yup, 3 in one week!).

I was running around with drinks for her, checking her make-up (I can do a mean smokey-eye among other tricks!) her jewelery etc.  I was talking to the producers in between interviews.  I got the frontseat to the stripper as BigSexy got her birthday dance from him.  My husband and Mr. Diplomat were right behind us (!)as we were giggling like school girls as BigSexy was trying to navigate her fingers dollars around the few strings of cloth hiding his manhood.  (Our guys are so cool for this). The M.C. is usually pretty good but she was drunk that night.  Really drunk.  It made everything even more fun. I had a fabulous time…being BigSexy’s groupie(sp) lol. 

I thought I’d give you some more clarification:

BBW: Big Beautiful Woman or 200lbs or more or *me*.

SSBBW: Supersized Big Beautiful Woman 300lbs or more or *BigSexy*

Oh, and by the way BigSexy is not the name she goes by, it’s just something I put together.


About Jessica Emilia

Mother, wife, grief survivor, dancer, yogi, feminine, baker, cook, lover, fighter, perfectly imperfect, optimistic, pessimistic, reader, writer, funny, sarcastic, compassionate, emphatic, sympatheric, HR Pro, anxious, confident, supernatural, hocus-pocus, friend, daughter and momma again...

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  1. Damn I need to be your friend!!!!!!

    I used to run Strip-A-Gram (a novelty telegram service) and emcee a Male Revue for years back in the 80’s! I miss the good old days!

    And I’m a BBW…can I please hang with you and BigSexy? I’m thinkin you two ladies can teach this old dog a few new tricks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Julie, perhaps you can teach me a few new tricks. lol. anytime you are in nyc area let me know through this blog and we’ll find a party!

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