Yup, after refusing to train people on machines I myself could not use.  I told incompetent boss that it was shameful that they would have just anyone (me) with no training experience in manufacturing or pharmaceuticals train their employees.  I reminded her that they were regulated and that i was not going to put my name on a document stating that practices were succesfully translated, when i knew they weren’t.  i was not going to train people who knew the machines and practices better than i did.  i was not going to humiliate myself in front other employees.  I agreed to train on basic manufacturing practices, i never agreed to train people on how to use the machines or how to fix them.  i don’t know how.  yet i was expected to put anything together and just train.

I was being set up all along-if do the training and fail then i can get fired for doing a bad job.  if i don’t do it, than it can be looked at as insubordination.  I was asked to attend a disciplenary meeting after this meeting.  My new manager and my incompetent boss attended.  incompetent boss raised her voice at me and I just lost it.  i told her that i knew about the ‘charade’ that this position was intended to be. that they never wanted to bring me back but knew they had too.  i told her that she knew little to nothing about hr and that it irked her when i was right about several matters.  it irked her when i pointed out the ilegal shit she would do.  i went to lunch and when i got back i was given a letter detailing that i was verbally agressive and that I was terminated.  (i guess she forgot that she raised her voice at me.) i told her that you might expect that when you raise your voice at someone, and that the truth hurts.  if she thinks the truth is verbally agressive, well then she can kiss my ass because she got it. 

i knew things were not going to work out, i just knew it.  what i wanted her to know above all else is that i’m not stupid and that i knew what was up.  there was no way i was going to make it.  i can’t tell you how much it stung to see the temp in my role, sitting in my chair at my desk.  it hurt when people in the lobby would ask for the hr specialist and i knew it was not me.  it hurt when other employees would ask me for help and i was no longer in a position to help them.  i was no longer the go-to person.  i gave this job my all, that’s why my eyes watered and i gave in (in my car, not in front of her!).  i truly did.  i didn’t abuse the internet or slack off.  this was the first position that i truly felt passionate about, but i had the misfortune of ending of where i did.  the shithole where i worked did not value getting a job done well, but rather getting it done quickly.  it did not value hiring the right candidate but rather the candidate that worked for the cheapest wage.  i could go on forever.  i guess it had to happen.  i guess i was stalling.  i could have been at home looking for work and not gone back, but i would have been enveloped by my grief.

currently i am resisting the urge of feeling like a total failure.  what hurt more?  telling my husband over the phone.  he was so wonderful, telling me not to worry, that he has us covered, that i can go on un.employment insurance, that i’ll find a job quickly and that i’m capable.

hmmm as if “do you have children?” isn’t a hard enough question, now i get to dodge this one: “so, what do you do for a living?”


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  1. Oh, i’m just so sorry. It sounds like a shitty place, though, and one that you are better off without. What a total set-up. I am glad you told off the incompetent boss. I am sure you will be able to find a better position! I just hope it is *fast*.

    Sending you lots of (((((((hugs))))))) and positive vibes.

  2. What a cracked out whore! I cannot believe she said all that crap.

    Sending you lots of hugs, but PLEASE don’t let this get you down. They are pure EVIL at that place. May they get infested with gigantic rodents!

  3. oh jaded, I’m so sorry. what a pain in the ass. I like what reese said, every word.

    I know you filed an admin. claim but it sounds like this was retaliation too. I hope you’re getting some good advice if you’re interested in pursuing it. at the same time they sounds like a bunch of morons and I’d understand if you just wanted to put it behind you and try to start fresh somewhere else.

    I’m just so sorry. give yourself some time to think and get over the anger. deep breaths.

  4. What a horrible day! I’m so sorry that you have to deal with such yucky people. Your DH is right, though. You are capable and it will be okay.

  5. I am so sorry Jaded. What a sucky day. And what a horrible sounding bunch of people they are. I hope you get some good advice too. The situation doesn’t sound kosher. You are capable and you will an employer who values you.

  6. I hope you documented everything. Can you still get unemployment? I hope so. I heard that if you are fired (as opposed to being laid off) that you can’t get it but what do I know?! Write again soon. I’d like to check in to see how things are going for you.
    Good luck! Another company will be very lucky to get someone so passionate.

  7. I’m so sorry. How awful! Another company will be lucky to have you, and hopefully you’ll find a place that appreciates what you can do. (((hugs)))

  8. Oh, Luna, I am so sorry. I don’t know what else to say except you were totally right for standing up for yourself and that your boss is a grade-A, beeee-atch. That doesn’t make things any better, I know, but I’m sorry all the same.

  9. hey dunno what state you are in (just scanned the entry… ) but you may want to look into talking to an atty. In some states, even though they have at will employment, if you are fired for refusing to do something illegal, you have a cause of action.

    It might be beneficial for you, it might not. Good luck.

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