Not a Good Day at Work


What happened?

I was asked recently to translate a very simple memo into Spanish and I failed miserably.  So now I am convinced I am being set up to fail.  As usual, my ‘manager’ ms. missing, is not to be found, and when she is she turns into ms. busy.

i get a call from the collision center where my car my husband’s car was repaired after it skidded last year while i was driving.  well Beefcake aka Mr. Slick thought that if he ‘forgot’ to send in their check, that it would not be missed.  he should think again.  they called.  they want their money.  mr. slick, is not so slick. $2,000+ is the amount, coincidentally the amount we just won in atlantic city.

i spoke with a lawyer briefly that was too busy to listen to the details of my situation and told me the best route would be to file a claim with the e.e.o.c.  the horse’s ass referred to my pregnancy as (and i shit you not), “when you were ‘preggo'”.  needless to say i cordially got off the phone as quickly as possible.

i finally filed a pregnancy discrimination claim with the e.e.o.c. via the internet.  

nearly fell asleep at my desk.  i love reading all your blogs, but after 6+ hours of blogging, your eyesight starts to go.

i reached out to the v.p. of operations (again!) via email and told him i needed to speak to him about a ‘situation’.

my uncle, whom i had not spoken to since Daniella died called me to thank me for lending him $400.  i did not want to speak to him, because he had the oops baby from a one night stand.  I know it’s not fair, but i just couldn’t handle speaking to him.  so yesterday he said how deeply sorry he was (he and the one night stand he now lives with), and details of Daniella’s passing were brought back and we both cried over the phone.  this took so much out of me.

i finally connected over the phone with a local dead baby mom (incompetent cervix is to blame in her case ) and we set up our first meet-up for this thursday. yay!

and the fucking topper:

i work 8am – 430pm and with the lack of work and my bordom you can rest assured i’m usually turning my car on at 435pm and skidding out of there.  but today i decided to briefly chitchat with a really nice supervisor that i bumped into as i was leaving.  so at roughly 445pm i said goodnight to him, when ms. missing was suddenly not missing.  she wanted to talk with me.  i told her that unfortunately it was time for me to go home.  she insisted.  i nicely (through gritted teeth) reminded her that i had been there the WHOLE day, and that now it was time to go.  she gave me this bitchy look and said that she knew that i had been there all day, but she needed to talk to me.  i told her it will have to be tomorrow because i am always seeking her out and she is never available and my day has ended.  i gave her my back and left. bitch.  now she wants to talk?

i walked out and on purpose (because i CAN be a bitch that way) stood right outside the lobby for a few more minutes and talked to the security guard.  she walked by the lobby and saw me, then she walked by again, acting like she forgot something. yeah right.  she just wanted to make sure that i was really doing what i was doing.  no more ms. nice over here.  it is fucking on.

tomorrow should be just splendid. luckily i have plenty of emails detailing how i would reach out to her for help.  i hate my job, i just hate it.  and yes i have an interview set up for tomorrow evening and i managed to squeeze one in last week, so i am trying!


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  1. I’m glad you stood up to her- I wouldn’t give her the time of day either.

    Also, I wanna meet up with you this weekend too! I’ll leave now and I’ll be there in a few days. I hope you have fun!

    Oh, you HAVE TO blog tomorrow, I wanna know how your talk goes with ms. douche.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog … boy you have been (and are going through) the wringer lately. I am so sorry to hear of all the grief & stress, and your job is just magnifying the whole thing. Good luck on the job interviews (my DH is currently out of work & looking so I have some idea what energy THAT takes).

    I’ll be back to visit when I’m not just about asleep. Take care.


  3. ooh, I’m sorry you have to deal with all that crap at work. I hope the “talk” goes ok. good luck with your eeoc claim.

    and many thanks for your sweet comment before! much appreciated.

  4. Oh gosh. It’s awful to be miserable at your job. Most of your waking hours are spent there so it shouldn’t be like that. I hope the interviews and job hunting goes well. Sorry the translation didn’t go well. I translate stuff into Spanish part time. Let me know if you ever need help.

  5. i hope the talk goes ok. she sounds horriffic. but i am glad you are out there looking, at least a new job is something to look forward to!

  6. Good for you! I hate it when people want to talk to me when I’m leaving work and I’m really bad at getting away from it. Maybe I’ll have to be a bit more firm, like you! Kudos!

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