Back to Work

I was originaly scheduled to go back this Monday, but dumbass boss asked if I could start this past Wednesday.  (I think they received my unemployment claim and did not want to pay out money for no work).  I was glad to get it over with, I was worried that everyone would just feel sorry for me and burst into tears upon seeing me, the human tragedy.  I was wrong.  Everyone was wonderful, well except for the one person that said “Again?”, in this exagerated tone.  She meant well.  Really.  It received many hugs and kisses.  All the way from the CFO and the controller down to the shift managers and office personnel.  I felt all warm and fuzzy.  I was welcomed back, and dare I say missed by so many.  No one pretended that the baby never happened.  They asked about Daniella… What was her name?  Was she born alive?  Some teared with me, others told me to beleive in God’s pla.n, still others just said they were sorry.  But as long as they did not want to live in the land of make beleive (like dumbass boss) and expect me to be ‘all better’, it was all alright.  That and that everyone said that I was glowing, looking stronger and fitter (kicking ass at the gym lately) and looking like I would be ok one day.  I liked that most.

I’m glad to be back, i’m feeling ‘normal’ once again.  On another sad note Dear Colleague (who just got back from India 4 weeks ago) is on her way back to India.  Tonight.  Her father has fallen gravely ill and her mother can hardly handle it.  Leaving has jeopardized her job, as she is a sponsored employee, virtually no rights.  Dumbass boss told her she could go, and then took it back.  (What a BITCH.)  She changed her mind after Dear Colleague bought the tickets, which cost over $3,000.  I really hope she comes back, but I don’t blame her for traveling.  I hope her parents do well and her father recovers.  Here are some photos of the gifts she bought me from India when she first went.  She truly is a dear colleague.  Knowing her, i’m sure she got something for Daniella, and upon hearing the news must have burried that gift somewhere, or given it away to someone who is far more fortunate than I.

Here they are:

Wall Tapestry

Wall Tapestry



Hanging Mail Holder

Hanging Mail Holder


 No work tomorrow however, my first visit with Dr. Miracle is tomorrow.  My fucking hero.  Already.


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  1. I am so glad that your first days back at work have gone well. What a relief to have your baby acknowledged and people asking questions about her. You sound so positive and strong in this post, it does sound like you will be okay one day. And I’m glad that your coworkers seem to understand that you can’t be expected to be all better right now. ((hugs))

  2. Glad you made it to work and it wasn’t as bad as you thought. Sorry to hear about your colleague though.

    Beautiful things. the wall tapestry would make a nice table runner too.

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