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My mind is racing with thoughts of the cerclage.  Would I give an early vaginal cerclage a chance?  Should we do abdominal cerclage before or after anoter pregnancy?  Coupled with our Meckel-Gruber diagnosis and our risks I would prefer to do it after pregnancy, obviously.  Once the abdominal cerclage is in, it’s in.  Terminating a pregnancy with the abdominal cerclage may or may not be accomplished with a D&C.  I can’t wait to have a visit with Dr. Stiffneck…he still has to view my cervix in a non-pregnant state.  Only 3 wks to go.  Geez.

How am I keeping busy?  By visiting the AbbyLoopers website and by organizing and cleaning my house, over and over again.


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  1. Ooh, thanks for the website recommendation. I haven’t heard of Abbyloopers. I know what you mean about getting a TAC- once it’s in it’s in. Kinda scary, no?

  2. I go back and forth over TACs all the time. My main problem with them is having to be cut open for it to go in and for the baby to come out. I am a wimp when it comes to this sort of thing.

    HOWEVER, if it’s the method that’s going to work, it’s the method that’s going to work and there’s no getting away from that.

    Personally, I’ve heard tons of positive stories about TVCs and most people get along fine with them. I was very reckless with my behaviour when I had mine in (I went to a rock festival for goodness sake!) and I think if you’re careful with your activity levels, you can go all the way.

  3. I wish I had advice. I can’t imagine how much this must be going round your head. I hope Dr. Stiffneck has good assvice for you and can try and put your mind a little at ease. Think of you J x x x

  4. It’s a tough call isn’t it. Something I went over and over again too.

    Our perinatalogist said that a D&C could be performed as the tube that is used for the cerclage has some flexibility. That is just me though. It’s such a tough decision. It’s so hard to just jump in.

    Like you said, once it’s in, it’s in. I kept joking with people that in 1,000 years, when they unearth my bones during some dig, they’d say, “what is this?”, upon finding this bizarre plastic tubing.

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