Level II Sonogram – 20wks, 5days


Yesterday was our Level II exam – the mother of all prenatal sonograms. It went very well. She was busy kicking me (I felt one kick), and fidgeting around. All her measurements down to her little foot were spot on to 20 weeks and 5 days. The tech asked us about what happened to Emi. I told her about Meckel-Gruber Syndrome and the anencephaly and the cystic kidneys which lead to very little amniotic fluid and I told her about the extra finger – all the classic hallmarks. We were discussing the geneticist that consulted with us (who was absolutely patient with us, sensitive and knowledgeable) and all she told us. The geneticist told us last September that everyone has about 6-8 defective genes. So lucky hubby and I are apparently (there is no test to confirm diagnosis) each carriers of defective genes that happen to result in this syndrome. Being carriers, we each passed a defective gene to Emi, and she displayed the syndrome. So at this point Little Ms. Tadpole could be a carrier or not, but she definitely does not display the syndrome. I told the tech that I would have rather learned about genetics in a text book rather than at the geneticists office along with the autopsy results of my first born child.
After the very kind tech verified all was well, the maternal-fetal specialist had a go at trying to confirm her gender. He has us all laughing when he said the baby was acting lady-like with it’s legs crossed and not showing. “I think it’s a girl, because little boys like to stick out like a sore thumb.” Finally he gave my belly a nudge and she opened up her legs to confirm she’s a little girl. Just like the tech, he asked what were the symptoms in Emi. As I named each one, he would say not this kid, not this kid.

“All is as it should be.” “Beautiful. Beauitful.” “Not this kid.” I swear those statements could never get old with me. The whole experience was a bitter sweet moment. This baby is right on anatomically. Emi had ‘multiple fetal anomalies’. My placenta now is posterior. With Emi I had complete placenta previa, further complicating an already aggravated and complicated situation.

I do however have a borderline short cervix. I’m at 2.3 centimeters so I’m being closely watched. I was told ‘3’ is ideal, ‘2.5’ is the cut off and anything below that has to be monitored. A measurement of ‘1’ is dire. Next Wednesday they will take another look at my cervix and look for changes. For the last 3 weeks I have been at ‘2.3’. There is a chance of a cerclage being placed. Of course this whole situation freaks me. We have to get to 24 weeks at least for minimal viability (40-70% chance of survival). Every week after that survival rates rise significantly. At 27 weeks, the baby as a 90% chance or more of survival. Of course the ideal is 40 weeks.

It’s in God’s hands. He got us this far, may he get us all the way.


About Jessica Emilia

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  1. I’m so glad things are going so well J. I just smile every time I read how things are going with you and your little lady. I hope things stay the same with your measurements. I’m sure all this makes you feel nervous but it does sound like you are in the best of hands and you only have another 3 weeks to go to get to those 24 weeks. x x x x

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