Because I get Cranky…


Yesterday I totally bitched at my boss. I sat in her office and just complained about all the requests in my inbox. She asked, who sends you all these requests? “You do!”, I nearly shouted. She stressed that I need to follow an agenda. Which I have been trying to follow, but it’s difficult for me to get items off my agenda when she keeps emailing me requests. I told her I was tired at looking at the same items on my agenda for the last three weeks. So I bitched some more, we made some compromises, and I started to feel better. Next thing I know, my dear colleage bursts into the room just as stressed as I was. She tells incompetent boss something about our attorney and a sponsorship for an overseas candidate. My incompetent boss disagrees, dear colleague insists. It goes back and forth, back and forth. Finally dear colleage bursts out of the room saying: fine, here is the number, do as you wish!

It was funny….incompetent boss had just put out my fire, and next dear colleague is pissed.

What’s wrong with you two?! I want you both to tell me things before you both get so stressed.

Today incompetent boss offers to take us out to lunch. “Because you get so cranky”, she says.

Gotta love her…


About Jessica Emilia

Mother, wife, grief survivor, dancer, yogi, feminine, baker, cook, lover, fighter, perfectly imperfect, optimistic, pessimistic, reader, writer, funny, sarcastic, compassionate, emphatic, sympatheric, HR Pro, anxious, confident, supernatural, hocus-pocus, friend, daughter and momma again...

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  1. Funny how those dead babies (and incompetent bosses) can make a person “cranky”. Hope you had a good lunch…and ordered big at her expense :o)

  2. “Because you get so cranky”??!! I don’t know for sure if I’d laugh or tell her off. I wonder sometimes how some people get promoted in the first place.

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