Pookie’s Birthday


I’m flying back to the South this morning. It’s my little brother’s 7th birthday and I can’t miss it for the world. My mom and stepdad are renting a large hall, and my mom is expecting 80 to 100 guests. I can’t miss it for the world Mom said, the next ‘big one’ won’t be until he’s 18. So she says. Anyway, Spiderman will be the theme – my brother’s idol.

I am truly excited. I won’t be back (God-willing) until this Sunday afternoon. My boss was actually a rare angel to have been so easy going about this trip with such short notice. My husband is bummed because I won’t be around for Valentine’s Day….I know, I know, BAD WIFE.
But, what he does not know is that tomorrow at work he will be receiving a dozen red roses and chocolates….TAKE THAT!

I will be meeting my uncle’s new baby. The one he had with the girl who is his own daughter’s age. You know the ‘mistake’….that turned out perfectly ok, while my daughter is a heap of ashes…yada, yada, yada…anyway I digress….

Well I have to leave by 600AM, so I got’s to finish up with packing.


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