My Boss Sucks


This past Wednesday I told my boss and colleague that I was pregnant. I told them about my earlier loss as well. Honestly I was pretty pissed off that I even had to mention it so soon, but I have to start going to prenatal appointments. If I know my boss, she would suspect I’m looking for work and then try to replace me if come in late or leave early; so I had to tell her.
I left my other job after losing little E. It became very difficult to work there, with everyone feeling so bad for me. A simple trip to the communal copier or fax was sheer torture. Everyone gave their condolences to me, literaly, as I was loading paper or checking for a fax. I would actually brake down and cry by the fax or copier. If I have another loss, I don’t want to go through that again. I’m really pissed I had to share my news so early; and my boss, she was a sight. She had this look of horror as she took in the fact that I had a late second trimester loss. She looked at me as if I was a freak.

Incompetent Boss: But it’s so late in the pregnancy….(With a look of horror)
Me: I know
Incompetent Boss: But you must have felt the baby move…(With a look of horror)
Me: Yes
Incompetent Boss: Well stay positive, happy thoughts always. (With a look that states: leave my office now before I get your dead-baby coodies).
Me: Ok (What was I going to say?)

My colleague on the other hand, has been a doll. She is so understanding of my fears, yet very hopeful. She said having me pregnant, is like having a pregnant sister, because she doesn’t have one. She talks about the pregnancy as if everything will work out, and although I urge her not to, I secretly enjoy the fleeting moments of naive hope she offers.

Yesterday was a tough day at work, which further confirmed my belief that my boss is incompetent. A hiring manager requested that I hire two individuals for assembly positions that spoke and read English. Ok, I thought. “No, any individual will do”, my boss says, as if she is the hiring manger. Ok boss, I think. Next thing I know, I present two candidates to the hiring manager, that only speak Spanish and he says, I needed English-speakers. So I look like an ass. You see? My boss sucks. Another example: A candidate arrived yesterday at 3:40pm for a 4pm interview for another position. I emailed her about this 2 weeks ago, I put this in our interview tracker spreadsheet ‘thingy’, and I reminder her too-again. Still she was not ready. The clock is ticking. Finally at roughly 5pm, she asks me to interview him. Poor guy. And to top it all off, the hiring manager had already decided to promote someone internally. When I suggested we cancel this interveiw all together, she says, “No, he can be a back-up.”. You see? She really does SUCK.

Well today was better; and after staying way late for a Friday night at work, my colleague came over for dinner. Myhusband is sleeping over his parents, so it worked out nicely. I actually got back not to long ago from dropping her off. We ordered in Mexican take-out, watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and just bullshitted about work and about how much our boss sucks.

I can’t wait to be making the big bucks…I can’t wait.

Oh, and I can’t wait to be a mom someday…that too.


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  1. Your boss does suck. I hate peoples reactions but at the same time I am amused by them. It’s as if, like you say, they think they will catch it or something. I am still in the same job I was when I was pregnant with Jacob. Still finding it tough, I hate the trip to the copier too :o) I’m dreading having to eventually have the ‘guess what I’m pregnant’ conversation with them. Your friend sounds really lovely, it’s nice that you have someone to get excited with. You should get excited. I know there are risks for you and this is frightening but it’s still an amazing thing. (((hugs)))

  2. Your boss just doesnt ‘get it’. I think most dont get it unless they have walked in our shoes.People hear my story and say ‘ oh yes, having a m/c is very common. I had one as well’! I use to say nothing but now I whip a pic of Zak out and put it in their face and say ‘a 5 pond 10 bub is not a m/c’.Dont get me wrong, a loss at any stage is terrible but i didnt have a m/c.We ended up moving from where we lived when Zak died. Mostly to be closer to one of the big hospitals but I couldnt stand going shopping and knowing people were trying hard not to make eye contact. Not many people want to talk about your dead baby. And I want to talk about him all the time.Its great you have someone who is cheering for you.Hugsxxx

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