Just For Today


By Vickie Tushingham
(How Beautiful…How True)

Just for today, I will try to live through the next 24 hours and not to expect to get over my child’s death –
But instead learn to live with it, just one day at a time.Just for today, I will remember my child’s life, not her death
And bask in the comfort of those treasured days and moments we shared.Just for today, I will forgive all the family and friends who didn’t help or comfort me the way I needed them to,
For they truly did not know how.Just for today, I will smile no matter how much I hurt on the inside,
So that maybe my heart will soften and I will begin to heal.Just for today, I will reach out to comfort a relative or friend of my child
For they are hurting too and perhaps we can comfort each other.Just for today, I will free myself from my burden of guilt –
For deep in my heart I know that if there was anything in this world I could have done to save my child from death, I would have done it.Just for today, I will honor my child’s memory by doing something for another child,
Because I know that would have made my own child proud.Just for today, I will offer my hand in friendship to another bereaved parent
For I DO KNOW how they feel.Just for today, when my heart feels like breaking I will stop and remember that grief is the price we pay for loving,
and the only reason I hurt is because I had the PRIVILEGE of loving so much.Just for today, I will not compare myself with others.
I am fortunate to be who I am, and to have had my child for as long as I did.Just for today, I will try to be happy,
for I know that I am not deserting my child by continuing to live.Just for today, I will try to accept that I did not die when my child did.
My life goes on, and I am the only one who can make that life worthwhile once more…


About Jessica Emilia

Mother, wife, grief survivor, dancer, yogi, feminine, baker, cook, lover, fighter, perfectly imperfect, optimistic, pessimistic, reader, writer, funny, sarcastic, compassionate, emphatic, sympatheric, HR Pro, anxious, confident, supernatural, hocus-pocus, friend, daughter and momma again...

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