Seems Another Cycle Goes: BUST


Well this is either cycle day 29 or I’m due for my period any moment. Of course I prayed and I tried to get pregnant this past cycle, but I awoke to cramping and I know what that means. Another opportunity has come and gone and I am no where nearer to my baby dream.

On another note, I love the work I do, but not the unrealistic pressure. Although my boss is currently away, I am stressed. Filling a position was priority yesterday and I just did not have the time. Yet, everything yesterday seemed to be a priority. I can only take it one day at a time, and can only do my best; especially when my boss is halfway across the world and my colleague might as well be, because she is always so damn busy.

Last night hubby and I had absolutely incredible sex. Sometimes I blame him for lack of it, but come to think of it, I have not been that excited about our sex life anyway, so perhaps I am giving off a negative vibe. In anycase, yesterday was definitely a wonderful blueprint for better lovemaking in the future.

He is currently at his parents for what should be a brief visit; although I would prefer him with me, I am glad for him that he can see them. It’s just that I am so lonely throughout the week, I don’t want the weekends to be the same way. Tonight we’ll be toghether however, we are going out with a nice couple from our support group, K & N. I’ll try to check out a new shopping plaza and go to a bookstore with hubby prior.

Hoping this will be a nice weekend. It should be, but my emotions have a way of ruining everything.


About Jessica Emilia

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