A few updates


A lot has happened and I don’t even know where to begin. I left the recruiter gig and can now be called HR Specialist. The work I love, yes, I have finally found my calling – and I have the comments from those I administer orientations to and interview to back that claim up! What is the problem (and I guess I should just get used to the idea that there will always be one, huh?)? My boss sucks. She tells me my emails should be written more ‘professional’, for starters. With her it’s always more, more, more. No acknowledgement of my accomplishments, nope. I had high hopes of spending 2yrs there. By the end of last week (my 1st week mind you) I aimed for 1yr. At the begining of this week? 9 months, in hopes of leaving after a successful pregnancy. Now I am hoping to make it to 6 months. It is horrible. They have reduced 3 positions into 2, and no, they have not reduced the work load at all. I feel trapped, several times a week, I leave feeling terribly. But somehow I return everyday- it’s the need to commit to something, to stick it out, and to learn, learn, learn. If there is one thing this job offers it’s an opportunity to learn. And, it’s not just me, I’ve seen my colleague nearly breakdown 2x, and it’s only week THREE.

On another note, MD has dissapointed me greatly. It’s a long story, but basically she thinks I was avoiding her and overeacted to the way I wrote out an invitation, and the fact that I never responded to her email (mind you, she was sending email to the wrong address). Well the situation is over, but my relationship won’t be the same again. She is about 40 years old, and is acting like a third of her age.

On another note, I am getting anxious.
Anxious about work, and most importantly about getting pregnant. When will that happen to me?. I want a baby, we want a baby so bad it hurts.

I need a break. God, my father, are you listening?


About Jessica Emilia

Mother, wife, grief survivor, dancer, yogi, feminine, baker, cook, lover, fighter, perfectly imperfect, optimistic, pessimistic, reader, writer, funny, sarcastic, compassionate, emphatic, sympatheric, HR Pro, anxious, confident, supernatural, hocus-pocus, friend, daughter and momma again...

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