…and another test…HSG…3rd Glucose


I had my HSG test about 2 weeks ago. It really was not that bad. The room being so large, sterile and institutional brought back rushing memories of my pregnancy with Emi. The doctor and nurse were so kind during the HSG test. It was not that bad for anyone having to go through with it. The worst part is the speculum inspection-and all women go through that anyway every year at the gyno. The results came back normal.

On the other hand I have to retest my fasting glucose I came back borderline high 2x.
More on that after my upcoming 3rd test this weekend. They will be also testing my hemoglobin A. Whatever. I’ll worry when I have too. By now I had a lupus and blood clotting scare. No more worrying…well, I’ll try.

I received my ‘PLAN’ from the MFM. Basically early intervention. 10wks, 12 wks, 14wks, and so on. Until something is found wrong, if there is something wrong. I have 1 in 4 odds of a repeat of what doctors think is Meckel-Gruber with each pregnancy. But I won’t let those odds get me down. I am going to keep trying. I am TTC now! I just bought an OPK kit. Although I got pregnant with Emi the first time we ‘did not prevent’ I need some control.

Wish me luck good reader.


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