Memorial Day Weekend Day 1


We have had a wonderful weekend so far…we went to the shore yesterday…hung out with MD, JD, GV, MB & another couple. Hubby and I had fun on our own before they arrived. We ate bad food and drank good drinks. It was nice. It was simple but nice, and then lil E came up. And well we cried, or rather he cried first (shocking me, b/c I know he loves her, but it’s been a while since i’ve seen him so emotional). It kills him to think she was a little girl, that he could not save her. Hubby thinks that if it were a boy, he could relate to the little boy, that his little boy would be ok, but his girl…oh no…that’s when the tears came.

Poor hubby, poor me. We miss you little E, we miss you.

Well somehow those tears for lil’ E, led to laughter…and talks of the future, and then the gang arrived… MD is due to have her FSH test this week. This it the ‘big’ one, this test reveals the quality/quantity of her eggs. MD, i’ve prayed for you. Hopefully God heard my prayers for you…and me. (God are you listening?) I offered MD to be her support-whether that be that I go with her for the tests (i’m off this week), or meet up afterward. Whatever she needs to get through this tough period, i’m here.

Tomorow it’s time to hang with DS and PG…Hubby and I bought the ‘good’ steaks…haha-about $30 worth for their BBQ. Their baby will be there…i’m suprisingly ok holding her. She is sooo cute.

We’ll bring our steaks and i’ll make potato salad tomorrow.

Whatever. I hope our new friendship works dammit! I’ve invested the good steaks.


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