Catch Up


oK… So what exactly has transpired over the last few years?

My mom moved to GA w/my little brother Pushkie (his pet name) ,crying and screaming the whole way because I did not follow. And quite honestly I will never know if I should have??? I stayed because at the time I was dating my husband. I told her it was because I did not want to lose my full scholarship…which was not the true motive…and I think she knew it.

Over the last few years I lost 3 of my closest friends…I have so many regrets about losing them…but somehow I always think it was for the best. That sentiment does not help when I feel lonely and misunderstood though…

So I finally (somehow) married my husband after an on and off relationship of close to four years. Oh and he’s about 10 years older than I.  I got pregnant the first time we did not ‘avoid’…and than I lost my darling baby and avoided not passing with her (as much as I wanted to).

I am trying to accept myslef as a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman), and I kinda think I like this new ‘identity’ (what ever those may be now’adays).

I am also switching careers from non-profit to recruiting…I know, I know, what a switch!

Above all my goal is to become pregnant (which was not a problem), and carry and deliver a healthy baby to term-which was.


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